Power User Corner: New Search Feature

Our clients are superheroes. Sometimes single-handedly, they're responsible for transporting thousands of students to and from schools and other destinations while keeping costs down and efficiency high. The task is no simple feat, and we at HopSkipDrive are honored to play a small role in solving the challenges involved. We're committed to simplifying transportation logistics for our partners, and the recent launch of our new booking platform is the latest stride towards continual improvement.

Today, we'll dive into one of the exciting, useful new features of our booking tool: the new search feature.

The challenges

Trip organizers need a birds eye view of a student’s transportation schedule and to be able to view that information in a quick glance. There are so many ways to slice the data that it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of which student is going to what location, how many students are traveling to and from a location, and when are these trips happening. Further, organizers need to access this information quickly and be able to make changes on a dime.

Easy visibility, easily organized

Thanks to the new search tool, organizers have a more comprehensive look at all trips and individual upcoming schedules. The search bar allows organizers to search by location name, which will show all scheduled trips that are traveling to or from that location. Organizers can also take a look into completed and canceled trips, which allows for better reporting.

Search for trips by location name

Search for trips by location name

Alternatively, organizers can search by a Rider's name to see all upcoming trips in a Rider's queue. From any search results window, Organizers can edit individual trips, edit details for all future trips, or cancel trips as needed.

Search for trips by Rider name

Search for trips by Rider name

The search feature on our updated booking platform makes planning and scheduling trips for students more convenient than ever. Check out this video below to see it in action:

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