How To Book Your Carpool With HopSkipDrive

Parent-driven carpools can be stressful — from coordinating who can drive when, to the risk of last minute cancellations. Now there’s an easier way: HopSkipDrive can do carpool for you!

By scheduling your carpool with HopSkipDrive, you can invite friends to ride along with just a few clicks. It’s great for groups that need to get to school, sports, activities or anywhere at all safely and dependably.

And here’s some even better news: by booking a HopSkipDrive carpool, you’ll also save big —  discounts start at almost 40% and increase with each family added to the carpool.

It’s so easy to set up a carpool on the HopSkipDrive app. We’ve created this handy how-to video here, so you can learn more:

Happy carpooling!

Joanna McFarlandComment