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COVID-Safe Ride Standards: Parent and Caregiver’s Guide

The CDC released their recommendations regarding reopening schools, summer camps and child care and some of these organizations plan to reopen as early as next week!

While will be a relief for many working parents who are currently juggling full time childcare with jobs, there are new worries when it comes to getting kids where they need to go, when you can’t be the one to drive them. How do you navigate social distancing and CDC cleanliness recommendations in your child’s transportation solution?

Protecting the safety and health of our community is our #1 priority; that’s why we created our stringent COVID-Safe Ride Standards.

Using CDC guidelines, local regulations and engaging with health experts, these COVID-Safe Ride Standards include first-in-market features and utilize proprietary technology and operational expertise to keep Riders, CareDrivers, and more, safe.

Here are the new features:

Promoting the Safest In-Ride Environment for CareDrivers and Riders

  • CareDrivers must wear face coverings and proper personal protective equipment during rides; Riders are also asked to follow CDC and local guidelines on wearing personal protective equipment. 
  • Plastic dividers between the front and back seat will be used in every vehicle. We are one of the first student transportation solutions in the country to adopt plastic dividers as a standard operating procedure. 
  • Vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected between rides following CDC guidelines. 
  • Parents/caregivers are asked to follow CDC and local guidelines by keeping Riders home if they show COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Parents or caregivers are asked to help Riders into the car if needed to minimize exposure between CareDrivers and Riders. 

Health-Forward Tech and Processes Go Above and Beyond

  • CareDrivers must affirm in the app each day they are driving that they are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19 prior to offering rides through the platform. 
  • CareDrivers must affirm in the app that they have sanitized vehicles and that the plastic divider is in place prior to each ride.
  • Technology enables real-time feedback from CareDrivers, Riders and Users linked to a child’s account. Let us know how we’re doing.

Critical Safety Resources Provided for All Users

  • HopSkipDrive believes education is key to safety, and currently connects CareDrivers with safe driving resources. We will provide COVID-Safe Ride Standards resources for CareDrivers as well as all Users linked to a Rider’s account.
  • In-app notifications remind all HopSkipDrive Users of COVID-Safe Ride Standards and best practices.

Minimize Exposure Through Anonymous COVID-19 Exposure Reporting

  • HopSkipDrive will facilitate anonymous COVID-19 exposure reporting to the extent that such notification does not jeopardize privacy interests. No personal information will be shared in the process.

You can also visit www.covidsaferides.com for more information.

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