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HopSkipDrive launches in Tampa, Florida!

HopSkipDrive TampaHopSkipDrive, the safe and innovative transportation solution for families, school districts and government agencies, has launched service in Tampa, Florida!

We’re excited to have the opportunity to help alleviate some of the many transportation challenges families in the Tampa area are facing today when it comes to getting children where they need to go.

“As a busy mom of two, I relate to the struggles many families face when trying to balance career demands and family transportation needs,” says Joanna McFarland, Co-founder and CEO of HopSkipDrive. I’m glad to be able to bring HopSkipDrive to the families that need us in Tampa.” 

A safe, reliable transportation solution to help get kids to school and activities

Parents and caregivers in the Tampa area will be able to use the HopSkipDrive app to request rides with HopSkipDrive CareDrivers — each of whom has undergone in-depth background checks and has a required five years of caregiving experience — for children who are at least six years old. 

Says one parent who has relied on HopSkipDrive to help manage her family’s complicated transportation needs: “HopSkipDrive has been a terrific service. The CareDrivers have been absolutely wonderful — they’ve been a godsend for me. I can rest comfortably knowing that despite being at work downtown, my daughter is able to be in after-school programs, and she is assured a safe and dependable ride home.”

HopSkipDrive appRides can be reserved as little as eight hours in advance or by 7 p.m. the night before for morning rides. Parents can customize ride instructions and provide details about such things as carpool lines, pickup and drop-off notes, sign-in/out requests, etc. 

Before the ride, parents receive a photo profile of their HopSkipDrive CareDriver, which they can share with their child. During the ride, parents receive progress alerts at each step. In addition, HopSkipDrive’s Safe Ride Support System tracks every ride continuously, proactively addressing potential issues and maintaining direct communication with parents and CareDrivers. 


HopSkipDrive is actively seeking CareDrivers in the Tampa area!

Being a CareDriver is a unique experience that comes with many benefits, including competitive pay up to $40/hour, a flexible schedule and the opportunity to make a difference by helping families in the local community. Individuals who are interested in becoming a HopSkipDrive CareDriver in the Tampa area can visit hopskipdrive.com/drive to sign up.

Unmatched Industry Safety Standards

HopSkipDrive provides a unique transportation solution that combines sophisticated technology with deep operational expertise to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who uses the HopSkipDrive platform. HopSkipDrive’s meticulous approach to safety begins with highly vetted caregivers behind the wheel (who are known as “CareDrivers”) and extends to every aspect of the company’s operations. 

Every HopSkipDrive CareDriver has at least five years of caregiving experience and must pass a rigorous 15-point certification process, including fingerprinting, background screenings and ongoing driving record checks. CareDrivers on the HopSkipDrive platform must use a four-door vehicle newer than 10 years old, and vehicles must pass an inspection by a certified mechanic annually. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have safely driven over 20M+ miles and transported 1.4M+ riders to date.

About HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is the leader in innovative, safe, and scalable school transportation solutions. Using our RideIQ platform, we optimize transportation plans and operations while always being a step ahead of new transportation technologies, including electrification.

Every HopSkipDrive CareDriver has passed background and vehicle safety checks and has a minimum of five years of caregiving experience. The network can be readily scaled up or down to meet school demand.

Safety at HopSkipDrive is “always on.” It enables us to go above and beyond industry norms, including certifying CareDrivers, monitoring each ride in real-time, and influencing industry-wide safety standards. 

Since 2014, HopSkipDrive has helped 13,000 schools and currently operates in 21 major markets in 11 states and Washington, D.C. A venture capital-backed company, HopSkipDrive shares investors with well-known brands like Airbnb, Pinterest, Bird and Ring.

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