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Meet Jon Hanover: From School Founder and Educator to HopSkipDrive VP of Marketplace

Jon Hanover is our VP of Marketplace. With years of experience in education — everything from consulting to launching a new elementary school — he brings a unique skillset to HopSkipDrive.

Share your background and journey in education

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I started my career as a strategy consultant in Chicago and then joined a foundation that helped educators running highly successful schools replicate their success in new communities.  I loved working with schools and decided to jump in the deep end. I taught in Denver Public Schools and then launched and led a new elementary school in Northeast Denver.

What attracted you to HopSkipDrive? To your current role?

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Our school served a low-income and highly-mobile population, which made transportation a constant barrier.  Every year we looked into running a school bus, but because the families who needed transportation support were spread over such a large distance and changing frequently, a school bus never made sense. 

I was thrilled to hear HopSkipDrive was developing an innovative solution to get kids safely, reliably, and flexibly to school.

How do you feel your education background makes you uniquely suited to your role/HopSkipDrive?

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Having faced many of the same challenges our school partners face on a daily basis helps me understand where they are coming from and work to serve them better everyday.  Also, having hired, trained and supported many teachers over the years, I have some direct experience to bring to CareDriver recruitment and education.

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