Are You a MultiMom? Watch, Share and Enter to Win!

For most moms, multitasking is a way of life: Need to help a child with a science project while cooking dinner and booking summer camp? No problem.

But even the best multitasking moms sometimes feel like they need to clone themselves to get everything done — what do you do when one kid has a soccer playoff game across town, the other has theater rehearsal, and you have a late meeting?

The choices can feel bleak: ask another mom for a favor (again), miss work, or hope that someone invents cloning technology very soon.

We fantasized about that cloning technology, but then got real. And that’s where HopSkipDrive came in. HopSkipDrive takes kids (ages 6 and up) wherever they need to go with fully background-checked and experienced caregivers. Our goal was to help you get your busy kids to school and to all their activities safely and dependably, freeing you up to do everything else you need to do to keep your family functioning.

Whether you’re one of those rockstar parents that can pull off miracles to make everything happen — from homework to ballet performances, basketball practice, piano lessons and everything else (like work!) in between — or, if you’re like the rest of us and struggling to hold it together, we’re celebrating you!

You are the MultiMoms (and dads) who are out there getting it done. And while we can’t replicate you to make life a little less stressful, we can give you the chance to win some clutch parenting resources — Enter for a chance to win one of three prizes: a month of free HopSkipDrive rides, a One Potato three-night meal box, or three free doctor housecalls from Heal*!

It’s easy to enter the #MultiMom Sweepstakes. All you have to do is share our MultiMom video on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MultiMom. Be sure to set the "Who should see this?" on your post to Public so we can see it.

Multitasking Parents Unite!


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*Must live in areas served to win. Up to $500 worth of HopSkipDrive rides and must be used within a 30-day period, New Heal customers only Sweepstakes ends Feb 27, 2017  | See Official Rules for Details


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