How do I accept a carpool invitation? (mobile)

When a friend schedules a carpool ride and invites you to participate, you’ll receive a text from HopSkipDrive. Click on the “Tap to Download” box. (We recommend you create your HopSkipDrive account and rider/s, if you haven’t already, before tapping on the carpool invite. It helps make the experience go more smoothly)


Your HopSkipDrive app will open and a carpool invitation will appear. Click “Accept” or “Decline”. Be very careful to click the correct button, your friend will not be able to add you to the carpool ride, if you decline the invitation to join.


Your next step will be to select your riders. These will only be the riders in your account. The other carpool organizer/s are responsible for their own riders.


Put a checkmark next to every participating rider (keep in mind only 4 riders can fit in a HopSkipDrive ride). When ready, click the blue “Next” button.


For rides where the pickup or drop off addresses are different for each rider, enter the pickup or drop off location for your rider/s. Every organizer is responsible for their own rider’s information.


Put a checkmark next to the pickup or drop off location you’d like to use. Verify that the location’s notes are correct. When you are satisfied, click the blue “Next” button.


On the final page, you can verify that all the ride information is correct. Click the blue “Save” button, when finished.


The app will confirm that your rider has been added and that HopSkipDrive is working on matching your ride with a CareDriver. Click the blue “Ok” when you’re done.