How does the carpool feature work? (mobile)

Setting up a carpool is just like creating a regular ride. The only difference is that you will invite another family in addition to selecting your rider(s). Start by opening your app and tapping the "Schedule a Ride" button. 


Select "My family + our carpool"

Choose a date for your ride and click the "Next" button.

 You can scroll the hour and minute to set the time of your ride. Be sure you've selected the correct time of day, AM or PM. Then click the "Next" button.


Select up to 3 riders from your family.


You can now select an existing carpool family or add a new one. To add a new one press on "Add Carpool Family".


You'll need to give the app access to your contacts. This access will ONLY be used to send your invitation and is never stored anywhere. Select the families you want to invite and click "Invite". Be sure your contacts list the cell phone number of the person you're inviting. All invites are sent through text notification.


After you've selected your riders and added carpool families to your carpool you'll be able to select if the riders will all be picked up together, dropped off together, or picked up and dropped off together. 

IMG_6373 2.PNG

Complete the rest of your ride setup as usual. Keep in mind that the carpool family will add their own rider's details. Invites will be sent after you schedule the ride.

Your invitee's will receive a text message with a link to join your carpool.


If they have an account setup, the carpool invite will be the first thing they see. If they haven't used HopSkipDrive before, all they have to do is setup an account and they will then see the invitation. 

Once they accept the ride, they can select the riders they want to participate and the pickup/drop off location (if it differs from the other riders). When all of your invitees accept or deny your invitation you'll be notified through text message.