How do I claim a ride?

When you’re ready to start claiming rides, go to the “Available Rides” tab in your CareDriver app’s menu or click on the blue “Claim Rides” button under “My Rides”.


Click on the day of the week you’d like to claim rides.


Once you’ve clicked on the day of the week, be sure your filters are set properly. Put your starting address into the filter or leave it as your home address. Then set the number of miles you’d be willing to drive. Hint: 20-25 miles will get you the most ride options. Then set your starting time. Set the filter as early as you’re willing to drive. The filter settings will default to the last address you entered and the last mileage distance and time you entered every time you look at a new date.


Once you’ve updated your filters, you’ll see a list of all the rides that are available within the mileage radius you set around your starting location. The system will take into account any other rides you may have already accepted. Rides with stars to the left are the best fit for your schedule. Rides with a $ mean the rides have been bonused and will pay more than the usual rate. Rides with a ! mean the ride is in urgent need of a CareDriver and potential CareDrivers have been texted a request to accept it.


Click on the ride that interests you. You’ll see the ride’s details and the pickup and drop off locations along with your starting location. Sometimes there’s more information in the small white pop up window at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to scroll up and down within the box. If you decide you’d like to do the ride, click the blue “Add to Cart” button. You’ll have 5 minutes to claim any rides you put into your cart. Click “Close Map”, if you want to return to the available rides list.


If you look at a ride that you’ve already added to your cart, you’ll see the option to “Remove” the ride. The route will appear blue on the map.


As you select more rides from the available rides list, you’ll see them on the map along with any rides you’ve already accepted or rides you’ve already placed in your cart. Rides that conflict with your claimed or carted rides will no longer appear in the available rides list. The stops will be numbered in the order that you’d have to make them. You’ll also see the estimated times for the stops.

Note how the white ride detail box at the bottom of the screen will include the number of riders and booster seats required. The details box will also include the estimated pay for the ride. HopSkipDrive uses Google Maps to estimate the distance and the time the ride will take. But, of course, the time a ride will take is ultimately unpredictable. So the estimates you see for rides are approximations of what we expect the fares to be.


Once you’ve added both rides to your cart, you’ll see both routes displayed in blue and the option to “Remove” the ride from you cart.


When you’re ready, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of the screen. The top of the cart screen will list the maximum number of seats (HopSkipDrive rides can only have 4 riders max) and boosters you’ll need. Review the rides you have in your cart. Click the blue “Claim Rides” button on the bottom of the screen.


Click “edit” in the top right corner of the cart screen, if you need to make changes before claiming rides.


When you’ve claimed your rides from the cart, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Click “Ok” and then you’ll be able to continue claiming rides or visit other areas in the app.


Sometimes, when claiming rides, you’ll see bundled rides. These are rides that are not necessarily related. The HopSkipDrive algorithm combines the rides because they go well together and will help a CareDriver get more rides completed in less time. When you click on a ride bundle, you’ll see the details for both rides and the routes for both rides. These rides will be treated like a unit. You’ll have to accept them both or decline them both. If you claim them both and later decide you don’t want to do one of the rides, both will still be removed.


Be sure you know where you’re going for each ride and that you understand the notes. It’s a good idea to make a note of the route you’ll need to take to each location just in case your connectivity to your cell service is shaky in places along the way. If you need to drop out of a ride for some reason, you’ll only be able to do over the phone. Call 844-467-7547 to speak to either our Customer Support Team or our Live Operations Team. If you can’t get a hold of anyone, you can leave a voicemail.