How do I create a ride? (web)

On the homepage, locate the blue “Schedule Ride” button.


If you'd like to book a regular ride click "Just my family"


After you select the type of ride you'd like to create you’ll see the calendar where you can pick the date of your ride. Be sure the correct date is highlighted in orange. You can scroll the hour and minute to set the time of your ride. Be sure you’ve selected the correct time of day, AM or PM.

Then click the blue "Next" button. You’ll be prompted to select your riders. You can choose a single rider or multiple riders. Click here to learn how to add a rider.

When you’re finished, click the blue "Next" button. You can add a new location by clicking “Add Location” or choose one you added previously. Select a pickup and drop off location and edit the pickup notes, if you need to.

When you’re finished, click the blue "Next" button. On the final page you’ll be able to verify all your ride’s details. You’ll also be able to add or edit your credit card information on this page.


To see the ride’s estimated fare, click on the orange “Estimate Fare”. Please keep in mind these are only estimates, prices can vary.

If everything looks correct, click the blue “Book Ride” button.

Once booked, your ride will be listed under “Upcoming” on your home page.