How do I edit my ride? (mobile)

You can edit any part of any ride using the HopSkipDrive app. You can even edit rides that have been accepted by CareDrivers. To edit a ride, just click on the ride in your upcoming rides list:

Then click the orange edit in the upper right corner of the screen.


When you click the orange “Edit”, you'll be faced with up to 3 options: edit the ride, cancel the ride or cancel all the rides in a repeating series. Please keep in mind, you can't edit a series of rides en masse, but you can edit any ride on an individual basis. If you've created a repeating series of rides and want to edit them all, you'll have to cancel the series and rebuild the rides with the changes you need.


When you click "Edit" you'll be directed to the dates page for the ride. Click the blue next button after you've made your changes or if you don't want to make any changes.

You'll be able to edit the ride's time, the riders, the locations, the location notes and even the credit card information. Click the blue "Next" when you're ready to move on from each page.


When all your changes have been made, click "Save". 

If a ride you're editing was accepted by a CareDriver and your changes causes a conflict with their schedule, you can abandon the changes by clicking "No" or save your changes by clicking "Save". Keep in mind that in saving the changes you risk not finding a replacement CareDriver.

Once you've saved your changes, you'll be able to see them reflected in the ride on the "Upcoming" page.