Rules for Free Rides for Relocated Families Program

Last Updated June 13, 2016

HopSkipDrive, Inc. (“HSD”) is providing families affected by the Southern California Gas Company’s closure of the Aliso Canyon plant  (the “Affected Families”) and the related relocation of their residences free rides in accordance with the following rules (the “Rules”). The program described in these Rules shall be referred to herein as the “Free Rides Program”.

1. Eligibility. In order to be eligible for the Free Rides Program, Affected Families must be residents of the Porter Ranch area, have been informed in writing that they will not be reimbursed by Southern California Gas Company (“SoCalGas”) through both the SoCalGas pre-approval and claims processes and have had their residences relocated pursuant to the “SoCalGas Plan” (defined below).  Specifically, they must reside in one of the following areas (collectively, the “Porter Ranch Area”):

a. Porter Ranch, generally defined by the city boundary to the north near Sesnon Blvd, CA 118 Freeway to the south, Aliso Canyon Park to the east, and Browns Canyon Road to the west, or

b. Other areas that SoCalGas has determined are eligible for relocation and/or reimbursement pursuant to the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Odorous Emissions Mitigation Plan and Temporary Relocation Plan (the “SoCalGas Plan”).

2. Purpose of the Program. The purpose of the Free Rides Program is to provide the children aged 7 to 17 of Affected Families up to two (2) free rides per child to school or home per school day.  The program is intended for Affected Families that are finding it challenging to use the transportation options provided, such as buses or personal vehicles with mileage reimbursement, and who have been informed by SoCalGas that they will not be reimbursed for their HopSkipDrive rides through the SoCalGas pre-approval and claims processes.

3. How the Program Works.  

a. Affected Families shall create HSD accounts, and shall be responsible for scheduling their children’s rides using the HSD platform.

b. Affected Families shall prove eligibility to participate in the Free Rides Program by emailing a notice from SoCalGas denying reimbursement from both the SoCalGas pre-approval and claims processes, and the following to Name, address of affected residence, copy of utility bill of affected residence,and address of relocated residence, together with written proof of the relocation; or

c. Affected Families shall also email on a monthly basis to request reimbursement. Such requests shall include descriptions of the rides eligible for reimbursement. HSD is unable to process reimbursements without a written request from the Affected Family.

d. HSD shall issue refunds to the Affected Family’s credit card on file for up to two (2) rides per child per school day, provided that HSD has determined eligibility on the terms set forth in these Rules.

In the event that HSD determines that certain completed rides are not eligible for reimbursement pursuant to these Rules, HSD shall be authorized to charge the credit card on file for such rides.  Furthermore, if a child in an Affected Family completes more than two (2) rides in a given school day, the Affected Family shall be reimbursed for the two (2) lowest cost rides in that day.

4. Length of Program. The Free Rides Program shall commence on January 11, 2016 and shall terminate at 9:00 pm PT on February 29, 2016. The final date to submit requests for payment reconciliations for rides that might be eligible for reimbursement through this program or the SoCalGas program is June 22, 2016. The final date to submit reimbursement requests to HopSkipDrive for this program is August 1, 2016.

5. No Warranties. The Free Rides Program is subject to the availability of CareDrivers on the HSD platform and HSD makes no warranties as to the availability of CareDrivers to participate in the Free Rides Program.

6. Right to Modify.  HSD reserves the right to modify these Rules and the Free Rides Program at any time.

7. SoCalGas Reimbursement. The costs of rides that are actually reimbursed by SoCalGas to any Affected Family shall not be eligible for reimbursement by HSD under the Free Rides Program.  If HSD learns that an Affected Family has obtained reimbursement from both SoCalGas and HSD for any particular ride, HSD shall be authorized to charge the credit card on file for such amount.

8. Terms of Use. Participants in the Free Ride Program are subject to the HSD Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict between these Rules and the HSD Terms of Use, the HSD Terms of Use shall prevail.

9. General Rules. Only registered HopSkipDrive account holders age 18 and older may participate in the Free Rides Program in arranging rides for their own children. Nothing herein shall be construed to imply that minors under the age of 18 are permitted to arrange their own rides using the HSD platform.  By participating in the Free Rides Program, Affected Families are agreeing to comply with these Rules.