How do I redeem a promo code? (mobile)

When scheduling a ride using the HopSkipDrive app, you can apply a promo code or gift card code to your ride on the final, booking page.


If you received a promo code from another family, it's worth one ride credit. Each credit can be used for a single ride valued up to $20. Any additional time and distance beyond that will be charged to your card on file.

If there’s something wrong with the promo code you are trying to redeem, the field will turn red and inform you that the code is invalid. Click the red X to erase the code and try again.


If the promo code or gift card code is valid and accepted, an orange checkmark will appear. Your estimated ride fare will be adjusted to include the promo code’s discount. Your promo code reward or gift card credits will sit in your HopSkipDrive account and apply automatically to your next rides. Your ride must be booked in order for the code to be redeemed.