How do I reset my password? (web)

If you forgot your HopSkipDrive password, click the orange “Forgot” in the password box.


Enter the mobile number associated with your HopSkipDrive account. Using a different mobile number will not work.

Please include all 10 digits of your mobile number. You can enter the number with or
without dashes.

Once your number is entered, click the clue “Reset Password” button. A message telling you that a link was texted to your mobile number will pop up. Click “Okay”.


Then grab your mobile phone. Click the “Tap to Load Preview” box HopSkipDrive texted to you.


Enter a new password. Be sure the new password has at least 8 characters, 1 capital letter, and 1 number. Once you’ve entered the password once in each box, click the blue “Submit” button.



When you see the “Password has been reset” message, you’ll be able to return to the website and sign in using the new password and the email address associated with your HopSkipDrive account.