What happens when a ride is in progress?

When a CareDriver accepts your ride request, you’ll receive a notification by both text and email. CareDrivers are in complete control of their own schedules. Matching can occur anytime between the creation of the ride and 30 minutes before pickup time. Rides are generally claimed at least the day before.

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To view the CareDriver’s full profile, click on your ride, then click on the CareDriver’s name.


When your CareDriver is on their way to your pickup location, you'll be able to begin tracking your ride using the HopSkipDrive app. You will not be able to track rides using the HopSkipDrive website. When your ride is in progress you'll see "NOW" next to it.

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When you click on a ride that has “Now” next to it,  you'll see your CareDriver traveling on a map. If you need to contact your driver, press "Contact CareDriver". Keep in mind that they may not be able to answer your calls or texts while driving. Please call our Live Operations Team, the team that monitors every ride, at 844-467-7547 Extention 1, Option 1, if you have any urgent concerns and can't reach your CareDriver. If you'd like to see more ride details press "Info" on the top right.


When you press on the “Info" button from the “Ride In Progress” map you'll see all of the ride details. Click on the CareDriver's name below their picture to see their full CareDriver profile. If you'd like to go back to the map just press "Map" on the top right.


When your HopSkipDrive ride is in progress you'll also receive text messages informing you of the ride's progress. These are the progress updates you'll receive through text message as the primary account holder and ride organizer.

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When you have a cell phone number listed for your rider, they will receive text updates as well. The CareDriver will also be able to call or text the rider using the app (we mask both numbers to protect privacy). These are the progress updates riders will receive via text message. Riders can respond to these automated texts to reach our Live Operations Team. If your rider needs assistance they can also always call our Live Operations Team at 844-467-7547 Ext 1, Option 1.

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When your ride is complete a popup will appear where you can rate your CareDriver. If you give a 1 star rating you'll be able to request not be paired with that CareDriver again. You'll also be able to leave a message telling us why. Our Driver Operations Team takes negative reviews very seriously. All ratings are anonymous. The CareDrivers will not know the ratings you've provided.

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If you'd like to see the cost of your completed ride or schedule that ride again, just click on "Completed Rides” and then click on the ride you're looking for. You'll see the final charge and the blue button to schedule again.

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