Safety is everything.
Our kids use HopSkipDrive too.

As parents, we worry about our kids and your kids. That's why we've built stringent safety measures into everything we do at HopSkipDrive. 

It all starts with the fact that this is a service designed to carry kids. From the way we recruit and screen HopSkipDrive CareDrivers, to requiring drivers be members of the TrustLine registry, to our HopSkipRules, safety is kind of our obsession. All CareDrivers must pass a highly selective 15-point certification process before they can drive your kids. If we wouldn't trust them to drive our own kids, we won't put yours in their care. 

Before the ride: 

  • Unique driver requirements that include 5+ years caregiving experience

  • Comprehensive 15-point driver certification process

  • Background checks that include fingerprinting and TrustLine registration

During the ride:

  • A personalized code word you and your child create that CareDrivers confirm upon pickup

  • You can track your child's ride live via the HopSkipDrive app

  • Zendrive partnership to monitor driving behavior and ensure CareDrivers are focused, in control, and not illegally using their mobile devices to talk or text while a rider is in the car.

Behind the scenes:

  • HopSkipDrive monitors rides in real time, and customer support is available by phone or email

  • Specialized, unique insurance for transporting kids that exceeds regulatory requirements

  • Permit from the California Public Utilities Commission

15-point Driver Certification Process

  1. Loves children and has at least 5 years of caregiving experience

  2. No criminal record
    We do the deepest criminal record check legally permissible at the county, state and federal levels everywhere the driver has lived in the last seven years. If we could legally go back further, we would!

  3. Fingerprinted.
    We fingerprint all of our drivers and perform ongoing background checks in California and Colorado. In addition, all California drivers are registered with TrustLine.

  4. No sex offender record

  5. Valid drivers license
    We take a copy when we first meet drivers to confirm they are who they say they are. 

  6. Good driving record
    We run their driving record when we first meet them and on an ongoing basis.

  7. Age 23 or older

  8. Owns or leases a vehicle not more than 10 years old seating 4-7 passengers
    We keep a copy of the driver's registration and confirm it matches the car they are driving. We also keep a photo of their car and license plate.

  9. Passes a 19-point vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic
    We confirm the inspection matches the car they are driving.

  10. In-person meeting with a member of the HopSkipDrive team

  11. Completes in-person driver orientation

  12. Has personal auto insurance coverage that meets or exceeds state-required limits

  13. Adopts the HopSkipRules

  14. Adopts our zero tolerance policy for smoking, drugs and alcohol while driving

  15. Adopts the zero tolerance policy for illegal mobile device usage while a rider is in the car.