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HopSkipDrive is reinventing K-12 transportation by offering flexible transportation solutions that save schools time and money.




Rides to School

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Flexible Transportation for Schools

HopSkipDrive makes it easy to manage your school's transportation needs. Save time and money with a range of customized solutions to make sure your students get everywhere they need to go, safely and dependably. 

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Home to School Transportation Replace or enhance inefficient bus routes, save money, and decrease student commute time.

Carpools Flexible solutions and rates for up to 4 riders and reduce neighborhood congestion.

IEP & SPED Transport CareDrivers have more than 5 years of caregiving experience and ensure all students get the attention and assistance they need from door to door.

Athletics & Field Trips Get your students to practices and games, field trips, and other off-campus events easily and efficiently. 

Safest in the Industry


Unparalleled Safety Standards

HopSkipDrive has the strictest driver requirements in the industry, including fingerprinting and a minimum of 5 years caregiving experience. See the 15-point certification process here, 

Visibility Through Technology

Easily track rides in real time, manage riders & routes, and access reports through your customized school dashboard and the easy to use HopSkipDrive App. 

Round the Clock Safety Specialists

Each ride is monitored in real time by an in-house Safe Ride Specialist. In addition, schools have a dedicated account manager to assist with questions and requests. 

HopSkipDrive is a Leader in Safe Transportation 

HopSkipDrive has partnered with Student Transportation Inc. (STI), one of the largest school bus contractors in the US. Both companies are safety leaders, and together are transforming family and school transportation logistics. Whether it's making carpools easier to coordinate and manage, optimizing vehicle size to save schools time and money, or solving unique transportation challenges, HopSkipDrive offers schools a one-stop solution.

"HopSkipDrive has been a tremendous resource for us, helping to get our students to off-campus activities and games, as well as in carpools to school. The drivers have been 100% reliable, and I feel so safe having my students ride with them. They’ve been a lifesaver!"

-Sarah Hamilton

Director of Student Life & Campus Operations, Westmark School

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