Our safety philosophy can be summed up in three pillars:
proactive, innovative, relentless.

We’re bringing safety into 2023, not just complying with regulations that were written years before. HopSkipDrive is the leader in safe youth transportation — for children today and tomorrow.



We know that the best defense is a good offense.

That’s why our safety features and processes are proactive, not a reaction to issues that come up.

15-point CareDriver Certification Process

15-point CareDriver Certification Process

Criteria, including 5+ years of caregiving experience, fingerprint-based background checks and Child Abuse and Neglect Scans*, surpasses industry norms. CareDrivers are truly caregivers on wheels.

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Criteria to stay  on the platform

Criteria to stay
on the platform

CareDrivers are enrolled in ongoing monitoring so that HopSkipDrive is alerted of any new criminal or motor vehicle history.

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Surpassing regulatory requirements

Surpassing regulatory requirements

From commercial insurance to multi-factor authentication, HopSkipDrive consistently surpasses state TNC requirements.

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HopSkipDrive was
found to be 71.9% safer when compared against all Global TNCs.

CareDrivers were
found to be 75.9% safer than all
global drivers.

HopSkipDrive’s collision rate per mile driven was 140X lower than the national average.


HopSkipDrive’s TNC model was an innovative new approach to the safe youth transportation space. We’re not only an innovative business model, however; we innovate when it comes to safety, creating technology and processes far ahead of industry peers.

Telematics Technology designed to maximize safe driving

An industry leading third-party app records events of the six riskiest driving behaviors, including device use while driving, hard braking, hard acceleration, hard turning, etc.

We can actually see the data on driving behavior and enable iterative improvement. CareDrivers receive information about their own driving patterns from the week before, along with resources on safe driving.

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Transparency and visibility Our Safe Ride Support system

Ride Organizers and parents or caregivers on a child’s account can track rides in real-time; they also get alerts at each of the six ride stages. CareDrivers, HopSkipDrive, Ride Organizers and parents/caregivers on a child’s account have a direct line to one another.

HopSkipDrive’s Safe Ride Support system ensures we proactively and rapidly address any issues that may come up.

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HopSkipDrive CareDrivers use their phones while driving

8x less
frequently than the average U.S. driver!


An overwhelming
majority of
HopSkipDrive rides-

–were completed without any
type of safety-related issue.


HopSkipDrive doesn’t rest on our laurels. We’re constantly evaluating our own safety features and processes, using that data for continuous improvement.
  • Safety Advisory Board

    We picked a group of industry leaders — from Directors of Pupil Transportation to leaders of some of the most well-respected organizations on youth transportation safety — to advise us.

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  • Annual Safety Report

    We publish a detailed report of our safety metrics annually in order to provide ultimate transparency and set a high bar for the industry.

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  • Thought leadership in the safety space

    We regularly publish content which details our safety philosophy and methods.

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HopSkipDrive goes above and beyond when it comes to safety.

In fact we’re setting the standard for what safety in youth transportation should be.