We're setting the bar above and beyond for
safe youth transportation solutions.

61 M+ Safe Miles Driven
3.3 M+ Rides Completed
10 K+ Schools Helped

How It Works


Step 1

You need transportation
for students who don’t fit
on traditional bus routes

or need a little extra help.

Create Ride Series

Step 2

Easily set up one-time and repeating rides for students in the HopSkipDrive Platform — rides are guaranteed.


Step 3

The HopSkipDrive Platform connects you with a rigorously vetted network of CareDrivers.

Care Driver

Step 4

Pickup notes and multi-factor authentication ensure
students and CareDrivers
safely find each other.


Step 5

Get alerts for each stage of the ride and view the ride as it's happening. Parents or caregivers on the child’s account also get alerts for added visibility and safety.


Step 6

HopSkipDrive Safe Ride
Support system tracks
each ride in real-time
, proactively addressing any issues. Our Client Success Team is there each step of the way, from set-up to reporting.

How It Works

Partnerships That Drive Success

We partner with:

  • Districts Districts
  • Counties Counties
  • Continuing Education Continuing Education
  • Independent & Charter Schools Independent & Charter Schools

We get all students where they need to go:

  • Continuing technical education Continuing technical education

Contact us today to join the thousands of district communities, schools, non-profits, and government agencies that we support through safe, reliable student transportation.

Safety is Our #1 Priority


“In transit” should never mean “invisible.” The HopSkipDrive Safe Ride Support system provides unparalleled end-to-end visibility into student trips for transportation staff and parents, and uses technology to detect unsafe driving behaviors like smartphone distraction.

We’re Flexible, Reliable and Cost-Effective

A dynamic, flexible network of highly qualified drivers means that you will always fill rides, even on eight hours notice.

Driver supply increases and decreases with your needs; you’ll never pay for unfilled rides or a vehicle that sits empty.

Our technology and dynamic driver supply makes it easy to build out new routes or edit existing ones.

And you’ll never have to scramble to find drivers last minute… our rides are always guaranteed.


Our Technology is Powerful and Intuitive

Create Ride Series

Build, edit and cancel one-time and repeating rides within minutes in our easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

No other alternative transportation solution utilizes our powerful Safe Ride Support system, including advanced telemetrics, to ensure total ride visibility and safe driving behavior.

You’ll Always Be in the Know


We have a direct line to drivers, which creates unparalleled transparency, visibility and communication between us, CareDrivers, Ride Organizers and users associated with a Rider’s account.

Phone App

Our Platform enables Ride Organizers and users associated with a Rider’s account to track rides in real-time, and receive text and app notifications throughout the ride.


We communicate status changes to you immediately, so you’re never in the dark. You can also call or chat us directly — our Support team is available to help!

In Their Words

HopSkipDrive has fulfilled every ride
we’ve ever requested and HopSkipDrive is always reachable and super-responsive. Couple that level of service with the stability that HopSkipDrive gives back to youth in foster care and the result is something truly special.
– Kala S. Denver City and County
Human Services
Kala S.
HopSkipDrive has been a huge asset to my CASA kid. She feels confident arriving at school in a car instead of a group home van. Her CareDrivers all respect her privacy and even sign her in and out of her school and group home. HopSkipDrive has off-the-charts customer service. – Shelley B. Court Appointed Special Advocate
Shelley B.
HopSkipDrive has been a necessary and invaluable school transportation partner to Denver Public Schools. Bus driver shortages have been challenging to our transportation department, but HopSkipDrive's introduction of a flexible, driver supply and easy-to-use technology helped us free up assets and optimized our transportation. – Albert Samora Executive Director of Transportation
Albert Samora

We help busy families, too! The simple, stress-less way to get your kids where they need to go.