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It’s Go Time!

From our earliest days, HopSkipDrive has been a mission-driven company.  It started on a small scale—wanting to solve our own families’ toughest challenges when we couldn’t be in two places at once.  It has grown, ride by ride, family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood, faster than we ever imagined.

Families across Los Angeles have shared with us what a relief HopSkipDrive has been for them — in addition to getting kids to and from school and activities, HopSkipDrive has helped save marriages (really, we’ve heard this on a few occasions), freed up time for moms to start businesses, taken riders to auditions that ended up in winning roles, and (our favorite) brought kids to the hospital to meet their new siblings. We are so proud that we are making life a bit easier for our riders, their families, and our CareDrivers. Our goal has always been to make HopSkipDrive available to more people.

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We are excited to announce that we have secured the funding to do just that. With a new investment of $10.2 million, we are growing our group of investors, our team, and most importantly our opportunity to help families get their kids where they need to go safely and reliably. We are thrilled to bring our trusted ride service to millions more families in Southern California and beyond (tell your friends we’re coming!).

Ready to increase our impact
As we’ve grown, we have discovered what a real difference we can make in our communities. When LAUSD suddenly closed its schools one day in December, when the Porter Ranch gas leak led to the relocation of thousands of families and two schools, we stepped in to help on a moment’s notice. With the team and investment in place, we can positively impact even more families, in more cities.  We’ve established a leadership position. We have the resources to make it happen. And we are ready for great things in 2016!  

Thank you to our team and to the amazing HopSkipDrive CareDrivers who consistently go above and beyond. And most importantly, thank you to the thousands of HopSkipDrive families for putting your trust in us each and every day!

– Joanna, Carolyn & Janelle


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