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Introducing The New HopSkipDrive App

At HopSkipDrive, we’re on a mission to make life easier for busy families and to provide a safe, dependable service that brings you peace of mind. Part of that is developing an app and technology that is easy to use. We’ve been listening to you and have been working hard to develop many new features parents have been asking for. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the new HopSkipDrive app has arrived — along with a host of new features we know you’ll love:

Better Mobile Booking
With the new app it’s easier to book right from your device. The app has a much more robust parent experience and you can take care of all your scheduling anytime and anywhere. You can still schedule rides from the website, but we think you’ll love the new app!

With a few clicks, you can invite friends to ride along. It’s great for groups that need to get to school, sports, activities or anywhere at all. You can include multiple stops so you can arrange for us to pick up two friends from camp and bring them each home with a few taps on your phone. Each family pays from their own account and it’s only $10 per ride per family for a limited time.

Multi-stop Rides
Two kids going to two different schools? No problem. You can include multiple stops on any ride.

Kid Photos (Optional)
The new HopSkipDrive app lets you upload a picture of your rider to make pick ups easier. Photos are optional, but it’s a great way to help CareDrivers locate your rider.

Rate Your Ride
Let us know about your child’s ride. Tell us if you had a great experience or if there were any issues. You can even request not to be matched to a CareDriver that wasn’t a good fit for your rider.


To make all of these features possible, we did have to change some things:

To ensure we can provide the kind of peace of mind you need when it comes to your kids, we have updated our pricing. The new pricing model is based on time and distance and makes it possible to continue providing safety features that go above and beyond other ride services, including thorough vetting of CareDrivers with background checks and fingerprinting and having staff monitor rides in real time.  

When you schedule your ride, you will always see an estimated fare, so you will know the cost in advance. There is also a fare estimator available on the website.

For customers that still had credits in their account as of July 3, 2016, those credits have been transferred to the new system and can each be used for a single ride valued up to $20. For example, if you bought a 10-ride ride package, and have already booked 3 rides, your 7 remaining ride credits are still valid for single ride use up to $20.  

And don’t forget, carpools are a great way to save! You’ll pay just $10 per family per ride for a limited time.

After each ride, you will receive a ride receipt detailing the cost and your credit card on file will be billed.

Booking Window
To accommodate carpool rides and reliably match your rides to a CareDriver, we are now requiring that you schedule your rides by 7pm the day before. You are welcome to schedule rides as far out into the future as you like — for the summer, for the season, for the school year.  


Have other questions? Check out our FAQs for additional answers or email us at contact@hopskipdrive.com.

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