The benefits of driving kids with HopSkipDrive

21-0818_ii_hsd_gregoryullery 292-1True story: One of our HopSkipDrive staff members recently requested a ride to LAX from another company you may have heard of — let’s call them “HopSkipDrive for grownups.” To her surprise and delight, she was picked up by CareDriver Delores, fresh from her morning drop-off.

It’s common for CareDrivers to drive with Lyft or other ride share companies. After all, bedtimes and school hours concentrate demand for kid transportation in the early mornings and late afternoons. And peak demand times for driving kids tend to coincide with slow times for other platforms. 

“The Rideshare Guy” has promoted switching between ride share platforms as a way for ride share drivers to make more money. This article specifically calls out driving with Uber, Lyft, and other companies as a smart way for CareDrivers to maximize their income and fill the time between pickups, and vice versa.

But HopSkipDrive has significant advantages over other driving jobs — and it’s not “Uber for kids.”

CareDrivers earn more money per ride and per hour — as much as twice what they make through other part-time driving jobs

Rides on the HopSkipDrive platform are booked in advance, enabling CareDrivers to build a schedule that suits them best. And driving kids is more rewarding work than part-time jobs like delivering groceries.

Along with the higher pay per hour, driving with HopSkipDrive pairs well with other driving jobs because you can plan around you life by setting your schedule in advance. Since CareDrivers know where theyll be and when, it’s easier for them to fit other part-time jobs into their days — whether that’s running errands between morning drop-off and afternoon pickup, or using a HopSkipDrive ride to get them to another area of town to take advantage of a surge or incentive.

You can learn more about becoming a CareDriver here.


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