[Ebook] Best Practices for Transporting Students with Special Needs

How do you get to work each morning? Do you walk? Use public transport? Do you listen to music? And, what is your day like if your morning routine gets thrown off? If you get stressed, how long does it take for those negative feelings to subside and for your day to get back on track?

Just like your trip to work, a student’s trip to school sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

While the classic yellow bus works for many students, students with special needs may require special transportation considerations. A negative or stressful experience on the ride to school can influence their entire day, impacting the overall classroom experience and affecting academic performance. 

This ebook will outline best practices for drivers on communicating with and supporting students with special needs, including: 

  • Why the school day starts with the ride to school
  • How to communicate and form connections with students with special needs
  • Why consistency on every trip is so important
  • How incorporating technology can add security and enhance best practices


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