Reliable school-of-origin transportation helps foster youth graduate with honors

Meet Georgina, a thriving 18-year-old who has attended four different high schools since her freshman year. As a foster child, she experienced nearly constant change when it came to her education, making it all the more difficult to forge meaningful connections on campus.

When a partnership between Georgina’s school district and HopSkipDrive enabled safe, reliable transportation to her school of origin, she was able to make new friends with confidence and earn her high school diploma⁠ — with honors!



Hi, my name is Georgina, and I’m 18 years old.

Foster youth, our lives are everywhere. There’s so much change all the time and there isn’t much stability. Since my freshman year, I’ve been to four high schools. The changes made it hard for me to trust and make those connections. I felt unstable.

So when I moved foster placements, I was able to stay at my school of origin thanks to HopSkipDrive. My senior year, I had to work twice as hard. But thanks to HopSkipDrive, I was able to get there at seven in the morning to take credit recovery classes and stay till 4:30 PM. So just being able to stay in our school of origin gives us a little bit of hope and it makes our life a little bit better and easier.

All the [HopSkipDrive] drivers are super friendly, and it’s always been a really positive experience. I was able to gain more stability, make more friends, be the old me and be happy, smiling and excited to go to school.

HopSkipDrive definitely made a positive impact in my life in that way that I was able to keep my school of origin and finish high school there on time, with honors, a principal’s award and a citizenship award. I worked very hard.

HopSkipDrive partners with counties and school districts all over the country to provide a transportation solution for students who are experiencing homelessness or in foster care.


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