HopSkipDrive partners with ActivityHero to support summer transportation for kids

HopSkipDrive CareDriver and riderHopSkipDrive and ActivityHero today announced a partnership to support busy families as they seek camps and classes this summer and a safe way to get there. Through HopSkipDrive, families can access safe and reliable rides to ActivityHero’s top-rated local summer camps, holiday camps, and after-school classes. 

ActivityHero provides curated lists of programming for kids in major areas such as the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. 

This collaboration encourages families to book activities online through ActivityHero, and use HopSkipDrive to provide safe, reliable rides. The HopSkipDrive app connects Riders with HopSkipDrive CareDrivers, experienced caregivers who undergo thorough vetting to ensure Riders are safe. 

To book a ride with HopSkipDrive: 

1. Download the HopSkipDrive app.

2. Use the easy-to-navigate interface to arrange safe, reliable transportation for a child with a few taps of a button. 

3.  The HopSkipDrive platform connects a Rider with a network of highly qualified CareDrivers. 

4. Once a ride has been booked, HopSkipDrive texts the parent who organized the pickup with ride details. Details are also made available in the app.

5. Riders and CareDrivers verify one another using a multi-factor verification system using birthdays, names, and code words, for an added layer of security before beginning the ride. CareDrivers are responsible for providing the Rider with their name and secret code word once the Rider has reached the vehicle. The Rider then provides their birthday after confirming the initial information. 

6. Parents receive live-ride text message updates when a CareDriver is on their way, when they arrive, depart, and safely reach the destination. Parents can also track rides in real time through the app, and if a ride needs to be canceled, that function is also completed through the app.

Established in 2012, ActivityHero is a one-stop shop for families and caregivers to discover high-quality out-of-school activities. The company operates through a marketplace where parents can sign their children up for activities. Additionally, the platform provides enrollment and attendance software for school districts’ after-school and intersession programs, assisting districts in effectively managing their out-of-school activities.  

“We are excited to announce that ActivityHero is partnering with HopSkipDrive, an innovative transportation option for busy families and activity providers,” said Peggy Chang, co-founder of ActivityHero. “Families can find camps and classes for their kids on ActivityHero.com, knowing that HopSkipDrive is a reliable option if transportation is a challenge.”

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