HopSkipDrive supports CareDriver community with events and resources

CareDrivers are central to our mission at HopSkipDrive. To celebrate and support our CareDriver community, we’re committed to offering events and valuable resources that ensure CareDrivers feel valued and empowered.

CareDriver Community Events

As HopSkipDrive grows and we expand into new markets, we’re excited to be hosting CareDriver events nationwide to connect directly with CareDrivers and strengthen our community.

On May 4th, CareDrivers in Southern California gathered at HopSkipDrive’s downtown Los Angeles office for a CareDriver Community Event. There, CareDrivers shared experiences, networked, and engaged with HopSkipDrive leadership and employees from various teams, including CareDriver Support, CareDriver Operations, Safe Ride Support, and Product.


HopSkipDrive President Harsit Patel speaks with CareDrivers at the Southern California CareDriver Community Event.

Over 150 CareDrivers attended (see slideshow of images from the event below), many bringing friends and family who were interested in learning more about the CareDriver experience with HopSkipDrive. “I enjoyed coming together and meeting many other CareDrivers and putting a face to the voices I speak to on the support team,” said one CareDriver.

HopSkipDrive California CareDriver Community event 1
HopSkipDrive California CareDriver Community event 2

Our next CareDriver Community Event is scheduled for June 15, 2024, in Indianapolis, Indiana, with more events planned in Seattle, Washington, in July and Kansas City, Missouri, in August.

CareDriver Community Resources

At the recent California CareDriver event, representatives from TaskHuman and Avibra were on hand to discuss wellness perks that are now accessible to eligible CareDrivers.

TaskHuman is a platform that offers support through 1:1 video calls with coaches from all over the world on all areas of well-being including physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as other topics. A recent TaskHuman session with CareDrivers featured an American Sign Language instructor who taught the basics of sign language — a valuable skill for CareDrivers who transport riders who are deaf or hard of hearing.

CareDrivers can enjoy personalized TaskHuman sessions at a time and location that suits them so they can prioritize their well-being without disrupting their busy schedules. TaskHuman access will be available to eligible CareDrivers through March of 2025.

In partnership with Avibra, HopSkipDrive is also offering active CareDrivers the opportunity to enroll in Avibra Wellness Perks.* Avibra’s mission is to provide everyone with affordable, accessible coverage while improving health, finances, career, relationships, and community in the process. 

Eligible CareDrivers can enroll in Avibra’s Wellness Perks Core package — which features benefits such as childcare savings, credit counseling, discounted prescription coverage, and AD&D and life insurance — for free. CareDrivers also have the ability to purchase additional Avibra Wellness Perks. 

As we look forward to upcoming events and continued partnerships with wellness platforms like TaskHuman and Avibra, we remain committed to fostering a connected, thriving CareDriver community

If you have questions about CareDriver events or resources, please reach out to us at community@hopskipdrive.com

*This Avibra Wellness Perks promotion offers the opportunity for active CareDrivers on the HopSkipDrive platform to sign up for health and financial resources. To be considered active, you must be in good standing and have completed at least one ride on the HopSkipDrive platform. Eligible CareDrivers will be able to sign up for Avibra Wellness Perks from May 1st through July 31st, 2024. The Avibra Wellness Perks promotion is subject to HopSkipDrive’s Promotion Terms and Conditions. Avibra Wellness Perks are provided by Avibra, and any wellness perks that you sign up for are subject to any applicable terms and conditions notified to you by Avibra during the signup process. HopSkipDrive is unaffiliated with, has no equity interest in, and is not compensated by, Avibra. HopSkipDrive is providing you with information on Avibra’s products and services as an informational service only; it is not an endorsement or recommendation — implied or otherwise — of any of Avibra’s products or services. HopSkipDrive accepts no responsibility for and disclaims any liability from the actions of Avibra or your reliance on any information from or about Avibra’s products and services. You should make your own independent evaluation before conducting business with Avibra or relying on any such information.

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