How HopSkipDrive can save an average of 40% per student on school transportation

We all care about getting kids to school safely and on time, but we also care about cost-effective solutions. Being able to use transportation resources efficiently will allow more kids in your district to get to school. And while the yellow school bus remains the most cost-effective choice for large groups of children, it’s not for small groups or individuals.
Replacing underutilized bus routes with multi-passenger sedan or SUV rides — using a transportation solution like HopSkipDrive — saves money and lessens environmental impact. In fact, when there are 12 students or fewer on a bus, HopSkipDrive is a far more cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution. 
HopSkipDrive Cost Savings
HopSkipDrive complements the yellow school bus not only for alternative transportation needs but for general education populations when buses are underutilized. The cost-efficacy data shows that HopSkipDrive is the smart choice.
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