Meet HopSkipDrive CareDriver Yves Mozelsio

Yves MozelsioAs a devoted father, Yves Mozelsio would often drive his son and his son’s friends to and from school. Now that his son is grown and he is semi-retired, Yves is glad to have found a way to stay busy while doing meaningful work in his community. 

Since being certified as a CareDriver in July of 2021, he has completed more than 400 trips in the Bay Area market.


What is your location?

I live in Oakland, California.

What made you decide to become a CareDriver?

The flexibility, the pay and, most importantly, driving these special children. I enjoy the interactions I have with them. It makes my day!

What do you like most about being a CareDriver?

The interactions I have with the students. Each is unique, and I feel that they appreciate someone who is caring driving them to and from school.

Tell us about your caregiving experience.

I have a wonderful 27-year-old son. I was somewhat of a Mr. Mom while he grew up! I would often take him and his friends to and from school.

What do you gain from being a CareDriver?

I look at driving children as a blessing. I feel good knowing that I’m contributing in a small way to their safety and happiness.

Have you had any special experiences with Riders that have been meaningful to you?

Last year, I had a child I drove only a few times but I have fond memories of him. He used to talk about his family and how he missed his father, who lived abroad. I would listen with an open ear. I now drive a child who loves Beatles music, which I play every time she rides with me!

Have you learned anything surprising from your Riders?

I’ve learned that children are precious. I’ve always known this, but I know it more so now.

Do you tell other people, such as family and friends, about HopSkipDrive?

Yes, and they’re all supportive. I’m now semi-retired, and driving is a positive way of spending my time. It also gets me up and going every morning!

Do you have any advice you think would be helpful for other CareDrivers?

Always give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Better to wait a few minutes in the car than be stressed and late. I take pride in the fact that I’ve never been late for a pickup.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience as a CareDriver?

I’m thankful I found HopSkipDrive. Besides the fair pay, which is greatly appreciated, I’m doing something at my age that is worthwhile. 

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