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MultiDads Are MVPs

While we made a MultiMom video, the truth is there are lots of dads out there who are multitasking miracle workers, too.

Lots of you are busy scheduling baseball or ballet, making sure homework is complete, permission slips are signed, and dinner is on the table on time. And plenty of you MultiDads use HopSkipDrive to help get your busy family where it needs to go safely and reliably.

Here are just a few fabulous MultiDads we know:

Victor E. has used HopSkipDrive to get his kids to school and home, and he estimates HopSkipDrive saves him 1 ½-hours per day because it means he doesn’t have to fight traffic in their West Los Angeles neighborhood.

“This busy dad can start dinner and have it ready when the kids get home (when they’re always starving),” Victor says. “As the owner of two businesses, I’m managing a lot of people and clients, and HopSkipDrive frees me up to finish the day strong and not shut down early.”

Aaron P. is the father of triplets, and he has used HopSkipDrive for his kids’ after-school transportation. “I’m confident about safety, and I think the price is fair,” Aaron says. “It allows my wife and I to each work full-timejobs and enables us to focus on family and career goals simultaneously.”

Eric K. has a busy career in the video game industry, and his daughter is a black belt in taekwondo and practices several times per week. “With HopSkipDrive, I know I can safely and comfortably get my daughter to her taekwondo classes without having to leave

work early in order to drive her myself,” Eric says. “I can stay at the office and get things done, knowing my daughter is OK.”

To celebrate all MultiMoms and MultiDads, we’re offering you the chance to win a month of free HopSkipDrive rides*, a One Potato three-night meal box to make dinner easy, or three free doctor housecalls from Heal** with our #MultiMom Sweepstakes!

It’s easy to enter the #MultiMom Sweepstakes. All you have to do is share the video on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MultiMom. Be sure to set the “Who should see this?” on your post to Public so we can see it, too.

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