New CareDriver Community Advisory Group launched

HopSkipDrive CareDriversIn an effort to foster a sense of community, amplify the voices of CareDrivers who drive on the HopSkipDrive platform, and gain insight from their experiences, we’re proud to announce that we recently launched the first nationwide CareDriver Community Advisory Group. 

We have invited CareDrivers from 15 different metros across the country to participate. This volunteer group exists to facilitate a two-way dialogue between HopSkipDrive and CareDrivers to ensure we are considering and incorporating CareDriver perspectives when making decisions related to the CareDriver experience. This new group builds on a previous iteration of the group, which was composed of Los Angeles-area CareDrivers, spanning 2019 through early 2020.

By directly sharing experiences with, and offering feedback to, the HopSkipDrive team on topics such as the CareDriver app, safety, and knowledge resources, the CareDriver Community Advisory Group will help to improve the CareDriver experience on the HopSkipDrive platform. Members of the CareDriver Community Advisory Group meet once a month via Zoom for a six-month period; after that, we intend to bring on a new cohort of the group to ensure we hear from diverse voices. 

At the most recent meeting, CareDrivers from numerous markets met with HopSkipDrive team members from CareDriver Operations, Safe Ride Support, CareDriver Support, Product, and CareDriver Community Engagement. Some topics of discussion surfaced at that meeting by participating CareDrivers include Ride Series parameters, growing parent-requested rides, and language barriers.

“I was part of the previous version of this group [in Los Angeles], and I was happy to join again because I found HopSkipDrive to be very receptive to the input of CareDrivers,” says Stephanie, a current Advisory Group member and CareDriver from Phoenix. “I feel it’s important to have the perspective of CareDrivers before implementing changes that will affect them.”

Getting involved

If you’re a CareDriver who is interested in being involved in a future CareDriver Community Advisory Group cohort, please email us at


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