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Parenting just got a little easier

Parenting Just Got a Little Easier — Schedule Same-day HopSkipDrive Rides

Planning ahead as a parent can be next to impossible. We get it. We struggle, too!  That’s why the HopSkipDrive team has been busy working on a much requested improvement—same day ride scheduling. Be sure to download the latest version of the HopSkipDrive app to take advantage of this scheduling benefit. iPhone | Android 

For rides after 10am, you can now create them the day of, as long as it’s at least 8 hours before the pickup. And your carpool friends have an extra half hour to accept their invitation, too (by 7 ½ hours before pickup).

Now you don’t have to worry about that panicked moment just as you’re falling asleep when you realize you don’t have a way to get the kids to tutoring at 3pm the next day. You can request a ride, as long as you do it before 7am the next morning. Or maybe on the way to school your child tells you about the extra practice they have that afternoon that they forgot to mention. HopSkipDrive can help!

Of course, the earlier you set up your rides the more time you allow for a CareDriver match. And morning rides still need to be booked by 7pm the night before. But we’re making progress! We hope it helps make your life easier, too.  

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