Learn more about how we are continuing to raise the bar on safety by reviewing five key takeaways from the HopSkipDrive 2022 Safety Report.

HopSkipDrive's Safety Advisory Board is comprised of a team of industry leaders and experts in the youth transportation space.

Safety is our #1 priority at HopSkipDrive — and we want to show you how we do it. Here, we answer our most commonly asked safety questions.

Learn about some of the many safety features we offer that promote transparency and enhance safety during a HopSkipDrive ride.

HopSkipDrive's industry-leading safety standards are known for being some of the most rigorous in the safe youth transportation space.

HopSkipDrive's Safe Ride Support System combines two of our top resources — people and technology — to ensure a safe ride experience.

Here are just some of the many things we do to support a culture of safety as we work together to create opportunity for all through mobility.