Transportation is a barrier to vaccine access – especially for older adults

As vaccines roll out, adults over 65 have been prioritized, as they’re one of the most vulnerable populations. And yet, one of the biggest barriers to vaccine distribution center access is transportation — how can older adults get there, especially if they don’t drive?

According to this Denver news segment, 60% of the Denver-area group scheduled to get vaccines live in rural areas; many are either rescheduling appointments or starting the process over because they couldn’t get there. The Denver Regional Council of Governments estimates 96,000 older adults in Colorado may need help getting to their vaccine appointments; they will need door-to-door assistance. 

This issue is not only age-centric, it’s also about income levels. Many lower income families cannot get to these vaccine appointments.

Solutions are in place: Colorado is setting up clinics in lower-income neighborhoods, while nonprofits are setting up partnerships for transportation assistance. Networks of neighbors are also willing to give older adults rides to distribution centers.

Nonprofits are setting up transportation assistance. Other Coloradans are setting up networks of neighbors willing to give older adults rides to distribution centers.

HopSkipDrive was proud to be part of the last vaccine distribution effort — arranging door-to-door transportation for a large group of Denver-area older adults. We will be arranging transportation in early March for the group to get their second round of shots. 

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