Save up to 60% off HopSkipDrive's normal rates by creating a carpool with other families and have a HopSkipDrive CareDriver drive it for you. Every CareDriver has at least 5+ years of childcare experience and goes through a 15-point certification process, including background checks, fingerprinting, an in-person meeting, and ongoing DMV monitoring,  


Rides starting at $7 per family


CareDrivers drive it for you!


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How to carpool with HopSkipDrive



What is a carpool ride?
Any time at least two families are involved in a ride, it's a carpool ride. One family can take the lead, set up the ride, and invite other families to join. Each family pays for their share of the fare after the ride is complete. 

Can you schedule a carpool with multiple stops?
Yes! The riders only need to have one location in common. You can create three different kinds of carpool rides. They include:

  1. All passengers are picked up at the same place and dropped off at the same place

  2. All passengers are picked up at the same place

  3. All passengers are dropped off at the same place

Can more than one of my kids join a carpool? Is there any extra charge?
Yes! You may add additional family members to your carpool at no extra charge.

Can I schedule repeating carpool rides?
Yes! You can book a single carpool trip or one that repeats for as long as you need it. Your friends can accept one invitation for the entire set of trips. Use that extra time to treat yourself, you deserve it.

What happens to my rider(s) if the CareDriver needs to leave the car to pick up or drop off another member of the carpool?
For the sake of safety CareDrivers will keep riders with them at all times. That means that if a CareDriver needs to go inside a building to sign another child out from an activity, or any other reason where the CareDriver needs to exit the vehicle, all passengers must go along with the CareDriver. The only exception is if the CareDriver is out of the car for less than 1 minute, the passengers are in plain view, and the car is less than 50 feet away (e.g. CareDriver parks the car in a driveway and walks up to the door to ring a doorbell).

How much do carpool rides cost?
Rides start at $7 per family, which is up to 60% off our normal rates. Visit our fare estimator for more information Los Angeles/Orange County  |  Bay Area

Who can I invite to a carpool?
You can invite anyone you know who has a smartphone to your carpool and these invites are easily sent via text message using your contact book on your phone. Invited families do not need to already have a HopSkipDrive account to join your carpool, but they will have to create one and add their rider and credit card.

What happens if I create a carpool, invite others, and nobody accepts the invitation?
Once you schedule the ride, the other families you invited have up until 7:30pm the day before the ride to accept your invite and add their rider's details. If others don’t join, you have a few options: you can keep your ride with just your family members at the standard fare, you can keep the ride with the riders you invited that have accepted, or you can cancel your ride anytime up to 8 hours before the ride or anytime before your ride is matched to a CareDriver without a cancellation fee.

I want to edit a ride’s information. How can I do this?
You can edit any aspect of your ride before a CareDriver is matched to it.  If you need to make an edit to your ride after a CareDriver has already been assigned, please email If your CareDriver is unable to accommodate the change, we will look for a new CareDriver. However, we can't guarantee we'll be able to find a replacement.

How do cancellations for carpools work?
If you need to remove just your rider from a carpool ride, click on the ride, click edit and then remove your rider. If you need to cancel the entire ride, press cancel ride.