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Driver Disclosures


HopSkipDrive maintains a comprehensive automobile insurance policy that is in effect while CareDrivers are logged into the HopSkipDrive application and either on the way to pick up a Rider or while transporting a Rider. Policy coverage information is available here.

While operating on HopSkipDrive’s digital network, your personal automobile insurance policy might not afford liability coverage, depending on the policy’s terms.  Your personal automobile insurance policy may not provide collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage, or medical payments when you use your vehicle in connection with the HopSkipDrive digital platform.

It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to notify your insurance provider that you will be providing transportation network company services and determine your individual coverage information.


If the vehicle that you plan to use to provide transportation network company services for our transportation network company has a lien against it, you must notify the lienholder that you will be using the vehicle for transportation services that may violate the terms of your contract with the lienholder.



If HopSkipDrive’s insurer makes a payment for a claim covered under comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, the HopSkipDrive shall cause its insurer to issue the payment directly to the business repairing the vehicle or jointly to the owner of the vehicle and the primary lienholder on the covered vehicle.


CareDriver information collected by HopSkipDrive may be shared with the California Public Utilities Commission.


Earnings you receive on the platform are payable to the trade or business name you Provide To HopSkipDrive.


The provision of rides for compensation which are not prearranged rides subjects the driver to the coverage requirements imposed under § 324.032(1) Fla. Stat. and that failure to meet such coverage requirements subjects the TNC driver to penalties provided in § 324.221 Fla. Stat., up to and including a misdemeanor of the second degree.

Seattle/King County, Washington

HopSkipDrive confirms, in accordance with SMC 6.310.260.A.2. and K.C.C. 6.64.251.O, that while CareDrivers are active on its TNC dispatch system as defined by SMC 6.310.110 and K.C.C. 6.64.010.B, the driver’s vehicle is insured as required by RCW 46.72.050 and K.C.C. chapter 6.64.


  1. In the event of an accident, you shall disclose whether you were logged onto the HopSkipDrive network during the accident and provide proof of insurance coverage to interested parties, automobile insurers and investigating police officers. You shall report the accident to HopSkipDrive, insurance providers, the owner of the vehicle if you are not the owner, and the holder of the vehicle’s insurance policy if you are not the holder.
  2. You must notify your personal insurance that you will be using your vehicle to provide TNC services.
  3. If you will not be using a vehicle that you own and insure, you must provide the disclosures on this page to the policyholder and to the owner of the vehicle.