HopSkipDrive Community Guidelines

HopSkipDrive Community Guidelines were developed with CareDrivers and Riders in mind and help ensure a safe, smart, and respectful in-ride experience for all. HopSkipDrive Users are expected to follow these guidelines when accessing or using the HopSkipDrive Platform.

Read more about HopSkipDrive's Zero Tolerance Policies.



Safety during the ride is extremely important! These guidelines are designed to promote a safer in-ride experience for everyone.

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Common sense is the best approach to any situation. Whether you’re a CareDriver or Rider, these guidelines are the essence of being smart.

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Kindness and consideration for one another go a long way! These guidelines help make everyone feel supported and welcome.

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Per the HopSkipDrive Terms of Use, any User found to be in violation of these guidelines may be deactivated from the HopSkipDrive Platform. If you want to report unsafe conduct, or have questions about any of these policies, please contact Support at support@hopskipdrive.com or 844-467-7547.


Safety during the ride is extremely important! CareDrivers keep their eyes on the road and watch for situations that may require quick action. Riders remember that being safe is a big deal which requires them to be aware of their behaviors during the ride.

be safe



HopSkipDrive Users are responsible for knowing and obeying all relevant local laws and rules of the road at all times during the ride.

  • Drive carefully and conscientiously while obeying all traffic laws.
  • Never illegally talk or text at any time during the ride.
  • Set navigation BEFORE departing from the pickup location.
  • Keep eyes on the road.
  • Keep seat belts buckled at all times from pickup until the vehicle comes to a complete stop at drop-off.
  • Sit in the backseat if under the age of 13.
  • Riders between ages 8 and 13 will have permission listed in the app if they are allowed to sit in the front seat.
  • No rough-housing, yelling, or distracting the driver.
  • No eating or drinking in the car.
  • No vaping or smoking during the ride.
  • Wait until the CareDriver says it is safe to get out of the car.



It is critical for all HopSkipDrive Users to understand local and state requirements relating to car seats and booster seats. Failure to appropriately use car seats and booster seats not only endangers the safety of the Riders, but also violates state law. 

Learn more about child passenger safety and seat belt laws in your state.

  • Must provide a booster seat for Riders between the ages of 4 to 8.
  • Responsible for replacing booster seats once they’ve reached their expiration.
  • Riders under the age of 4 must use a car seat, provided to the CareDriver by the caregiver, and installed by the caregiver or parent/guardian.



Users may not share their account information with anyone else. To use the HopSkipDrive Platform, you need to register and maintain an active account with accurate information. 

The registered CareDriver must be the person performing the ride, just as only named Riders can attend a ride. No individuals other than the listed CareDriver and Rider(s) can accompany the ride. Only Ride Organizers who are legally authorized to arrange rides are permitted to add or remove a Rider from a Ride, or edit Rider information.

Unauthorized third parties are not covered under HopSkipDrive insurance.



CareDrivers may not take photos or videos of Riders, use inward-facing dashboard cameras, or otherwise record conversations with Riders, while using the HopSkipDrive app. This is to ensure that the privacy rights of HopSkipDrive Users (including the Riders, who are often minors) are protected. 

Similarly, it is expected that Riders not record or take video of CareDrivers during a ride without the CareDriver’s consent. 



Because there may be Users with respiratory issues or who are bothered by the smell, HopSkipDrive asks that no User of the platform smoke during a ride or in the CareDriver’s vehicle. CareDrivers should also be mindful of tobacco-free requirements around schools and other public or private locations.



For the safety of all Users, HopSkipDrive enforces a strict no-weapons policy during rides and on any HopSkipDrive property. Neither CareDrivers nor Riders are permitted to carry a weapon during a HopSkipDrive ride, whether legally permitted to do so or not. This policy is to ensure the safety and comfortability of all Users of the HopSkipDrive platform. 

At a minimum, a “weapon” includes any form of firearm. “Weapons” may also include items such as handguns, stun guns, explosives, knives, sling shots and tasers. HopSkipDrive reserves sole judgment on what else may constitute a “weapon.” If you have any questions about whether various items could be considered a “weapon” under this policy, please contact HopSkipDrive Support before bringing any questionable items onto a ride or HopSkipDrive property.

Note: The general policy above does not apply to authorized security personnel contracted or employed by HopSkipDrive or to law enforcement personnel.



Common sense is the best approach to helping keep yourself and others safe. All HopSkipDrive Users avoid situations that put another person at risk. CareDrivers think like a caregiver while watching for situations that may require quick action, while Riders put their brain to work by trusting their instincts and ensuring they are getting into the correct vehicle at pickup.

be smart



To ensure Platform safety, identity verification must be performed prior to every ride. Ride Organizers will have access to identifying information about the CareDriver, including their name, profile photo, and vehicle information (license plate number and make/model) so that Riders or authorized adults are able to verify the vehicle during pickup. Vehicle decals are also used as a way to help identify the CareDriver.

Rider names and code words are confirmed before beginning the ride as an added layer of security. CareDrivers are responsible for providing the Rider with the Rider’s name and secret code word once they have reached the vehicle. After the information has been confirmed, the Rider can provide their birthday as an added layer of security.

  • Never begin a ride with a passenger who is not listed on the ride.
  • Always provide the secret code word for each ride, even if they are a repeat Rider.
  • Decals must be visible for every ride and placed on the vehicle in accordance with state requirements. While not required, wearing a HopSkipDrive t-shirt during rides provides an additional layer of security and helps Riders to identify you more quickly.
  • All services provided through the HopSkipDrive Platform must be performed in the approved vehicle listed on the CareDriver’s profile.
  • Only get into the car if HopSkipDrive decals are visible and the CareDriver confirms your code word with you.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, tell your CareDriver and parents or teacher right away.
  • Never get into a vehicle with a driver who doesn’t have the correct identifying information.



Pickup and drop-off locations are predetermined by the Ride Organizer. CareDrivers must transport a Rider directly to the predetermined drop-off location provided in the app and selected by the Ride Organizer. Riders may not request a change to the drop-off location listed in the app. Discrimination against Riders based on geographic departure point or destination is prohibited.

  • Avoid any situation that puts your Riders at risk.
  • Advance through each stage of the ride process via the app so that the Ride Organizer can be updated on your progress.
  • Do not drop a Rider off anywhere other than the pre-arranged destination.
  • Do not leave a drop-off destination until the Rider is safely inside and they wave to indicate that they are ready for you to leave.
  • Please be ready to go a couple of minutes before your ride pickup time. Remember, CareDrivers can only wait a little past the scheduled pickup time so they aren’t late for their next ride.
  • Do not request a change to the drop-off location without prior approval from the Ride Organizer.
  • When you get to your destination, go directly to where you’re supposed to be.
  • Take all belongings and trash with you and double-check that you have everything before you leave.
  • Use caution when opening and closing doors. Do not slam doors.



CareDrivers must transport a Rider directly to the predetermined drop-off location selected by the Ride Organizer and not make any unauthorized stops along the way including but not limited to food, gas, or bathroom stops. Riders may not request an additional stop or a different drop-off location.

In the event of a non-medical incident or emergency, pull over to assess the situation and contact HopSkipDrive. If necessary, call 911 immediately before contacting HopSkipDrive.



Local regulations prohibit street hails whenever using the HopSkipDrive app. CareDrivers may not solicit or accept on-demand summoning of a ride. Riders and Ride Organizers should not pay for HopSkipDrive rides in cash or outside of the HopSkipDrive app.



To protect the safety of all Users of the Platform, and in light of the Riders who use the HopSkipDrive Platform, CareDrivers are asked to refrain from giving gifts to Riders unless permitted by the Ride Organizer. 

CareDrivers are asked to maintain age-appropriate communication while performing the Services. With the exception of optional gratuities, the same is requested of Riders.



CareDrivers always use their prior caregiving experience to help Riders and parents feel comfortable by showing kindness and consideration, while Riders keep their hands to themselves and speak kindly and courteously to others.

Learn more about HopSkipDrive’s Zero Tolerance Policies on discrimination, physical contact, and sexual harassment.

be respectful



HopSkipDrive Users treat one another with care and respect. They respect personal boundaries and differences and treat each other’s property like it’s their own.

  • Help passengers and their parents feel comfortable.
  • Show kindness and consideration.
  • Communicate pickup and drop-offs promptly via the app so parents have peace of mind.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Speak kindly and courteously.
  • Be nice to everyone in the car, including other Riders.



Food and beverages are prohibited during rides. CareDrivers must keep in mind that Riders may have a sensitivity or intolerance to certain foods and therefore are unable to provide any type of food, drinks, or medication to their Riders. Riders must help keep the vehicle clean and free from potential damage by not eating or drinking during the ride.



All Users must maintain personal awareness and avoid any conduct that may be deemed inappropriate by another person. Threatening or disrespectful language, aggressive or confrontational behaviors, bullying, hazing, or harassment of any kind are not permitted during a HopSkipDrive ride. 

CareDrivers are asked to set proper boundaries and stay within their professional role by avoiding risky behavior or conversational subject matter that may be deemed inappropriate for youth or other vulnerable populations. Riders are expected to treat the CareDriver and their vehicle with respect.

  • No sharing of personal information, engaging in inappropriate conversations, or asking personal questions that would make a Rider feel uncomfortable (including religion and politics).
  • Maintain awareness of music or radio selections during the ride.
  • No rough-housing, yelling, or distracting the CareDriver during the ride.
  • No engaging in inappropriate conversations during the ride.
  • Refrain from using profanity and inappropriate language when in the vehicle, and keep volume of music, videos, or audiobooks at a respectful level.



It is expected that all Users of the HopSkipDrive Platform recognize the sensitive nature in working with children and seniors. Both Riders and CareDrivers should refrain from contacting each other outside of the ride without prior express consent from the other User (which in the case of a child, must be given by the Rider's parent/guardian or the Ride Organizer).  

To ensure Platform safety, and consistent with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, contact should end as soon as the ride is complete, unless it’s to return a lost item. 

Notify HopSkipDrive immediately if another User contacts you for any reason other than the current ride or to return a lost item.



All HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are required by law to accommodate service animals and make other reasonable accommodations for Riders with special needs.

  • Riders with service animals

When it comes to transporting Riders with service animals, CareDrivers are obligated to accommodate the use of service animals. The law states that drivers may not deny service or otherwise discriminate against passengers with service animals. Ride Organizers are asked to include a note in the ride instructions if the Rider requires a service animal.

  • CareDrivers with service animals

It is HopSkipDrive’s policy that CareDrivers are permitted to ride with their service animals. However, this may limit the number of passengers you can carry, and some passengers may be uncomfortable or allergic around your service animal. It is advised that you make note of the service animal in your bio. We also recommend you call the passenger in advance to notify them of the service animal. If they are unable to ride with your service animal, reach out to Support immediately.

If you have questions about a service animal, reach out to Support at 844-HOP-SKIP.



All Users are prohibited from intentionally committing fraud, falsifying information, requesting fees or refunds they are not entitled to, or completing invalid transactions.

For CareDrivers, it is considered fraud to cancel a ride only to reclaim it for a higher price if a ride opportunity is created for that ride. The estimated fare will be returned to the original amount and the CareDriver will lose the ability to receive those types of opportunities in the future.

Ride Organizers are expected to only book services using a valid credit card. Inability to collect payment for rides will result in upcoming rides being cancelled and the account being closed.



It is critical for all Users to make arrangements to be early or on-time for all scheduled rides. Both CareDrivers and Riders often have strict schedules that they need to adhere to, so it’s important to uphold your commitment to the time that’s been scheduled.

Users should avoid beginning a ride more than 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time as drop-off locations may be closed or unable to accept the Rider prior to the requested time.

All Users should reach out to Safe Ride Support at 844-HOP-SKIP if they are running behind schedule or have any concerns about a ride.

  • For safety reasons, CareDrivers who have not completed the check-in process 60 minutes prior to the start time, or are running more than 15 minutes late to the pickup location (extreme lateness), may be removed from the ride.
  • Ride removals can impact a CareDriver’s cancellation rate and their status on the HopSkipDrive platform. 
  • Communication is important! There may be times when HopSkipDrive needs to reach the CareDriver with an urgent update to the ride. It is crucial that CareDrivers have a working phone whenever performing a ride and that they are able to pull over to a safe location and answer the calls from Safe Ride Support if there is a safety concern.
  • Riders should be ready to go a couple of minutes before the pickup time as CareDrivers can only wait a little past the scheduled time so they aren’t late for their next ride.



Platform Users are expected to be mindful of ride cancellations as they may greatly impact another User’s schedule. To better respect one another’s time, ride cancellations should be made as far in advance as possible as CareDrivers and Ride Organizers often have strict schedules to adhere to. “Last-minute” ride cancellations can pose a safety risk for Riders if the CareDriver is cancelling with short notice. 

CareDriver cancellation rates can impact their status on the HopSkipDrive platform. 

Learn more about Ride Organizer cancellations.

Learn more about CareDriver cancellations.