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HopSkipDrive Safety Report 2022

HopSkipDrive always puts safety first. Each year, we publish a Safety Report highlighting our safety data and the safety investments made to the platform. In our fourth Safety Report, we share HopSkipDrive's safety metrics and safety advancements during 2022.

For the purpose of this report, we examine data collected from 2022, in which we enabled 777K+ rides, with CareDrivers driving a total of over 16 million safe miles. 

During 2022, we continued our impeccable record: All HopSkipDrive rides were completed without a critical safety-related issue. The vast majority - 99.7% - of rides ended without any type of safety-related incident. Of course, we go into far more detail in the report.

And, as always, we encourage others to be transparent with their own Safety Reports to promote greater transparency throughout the transportation industry.