Pricing and Payment Terms

Last updated April 13, 2024.

These Pricing and Payment Terms are an addendum to the Terms of Use between you and HopSkipDrive and it sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable to your use of the HopSkipDrive Platform. This addendum replaces any prior pricing and payment terms. HopSkipDrive reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to change, modify, cancel, or replace these Pricing and Payment Terms at any time, with or without notice.


As a Ride Organizer, you understand and agree that your request or use of the HopSkipDrive Platform may result in charges to you (“Charges”). Charges include all applicable fees, tolls, surcharges, and taxes as described herein, plus any tips to the CareDriver that you elect to pay. HopSkipDrive has the authority and reserves the right to determine and modify pricing by quoting you a price for a specific ride at the time you make a request. You are responsible for reviewing the applicable pricing terms and shall be responsible for all Charges incurred under your User account regardless of your awareness of such Charges.

1. Ride Fees. The “Ride Fees” consist of a Base Fare, Booking Fee, local operating costs (as applicable), and Peak Hour fee (as applicable). 
  1. Base Fare.  The Base Fare is calculated by the estimated miles and minutes at the time of booking. For short rides, minimum fares may apply.
  2. Booking Fee.  The Booking Fee applies to every ride and helps to cover HopSkipDrive’s operational costs.
  3. Local Operating Costs.  Some states require additional fees or taxes. These will be included in the Ride Estimate when booking a ride in the app.
  4. Peak Hour Fee.  To better serve our users, a Peak Hour Fee applies to all rides where the pick-up time occurs during the peak hours of 6:30 a.m. to 8:29 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 4:29 p.m.  These are the peak times when so many Ride Organizers are requesting rides that there are often not enough CareDrivers to meet the demand.  This Peak Hour Fee helps HopSkipDrive to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of CareDrivers to meet the needs of Ride Organizers. It also allows HopSkipDrive to ensure that Safe Ride Support is available during these busy periods. The Peak Hour Fee charged reflects the additional costs incurred to arrange rides during high-demand times. More information on the Peak Hour fee is available here.
2. Fare Estimates. Ride Organizers can estimate Ride Fees using the HopSkipDrive Fare Estimator Tool on the website, and see all applicable Booking Fees, local operating costs, and any Peak Hour fees for a particular ride by using the ride scheduling features in the HopSkipDrive app.

You will receive a fare estimate in the app upon scheduling the ride. While the Ride Fee is fixed based on the estimated time and distance at the time of booking, the fare estimate is subject to change depending on whether a wait fee is incurred or any other changes to the ride details occur between the time of booking and the completion of the ride. Your Ride Fees may also vary if you change your pick-up time after confirming your ride request.

3. Additional Charges:

  1. Wait Time Fee. A wait time fee is applied if the rider is 10 or more minutes late to the scheduled pick-up. 
  2. Cancelation Fee. After requesting your ride, you may cancel it up to 8 hours before the scheduled start time with no “Cancelation Fee.” In the event that your ride request has been matched with a CareDriver, a Cancelation Fee of 50% of your estimated fare will apply if you cancel between 1 and 8 hours before your ride. If you cancel less than 1 hour before your ride, you will be charged the full estimated fare. More information about HopSkipDrive’s Cancelation Policy is available here.
  3. Damage Fee. If a CareDriver reports damage to, or necessary cleaning of, vehicles or property as a result of providing Services to you or to a Rider on whose behalf you arranged a ride, you agree to pay a Damage Fee. The Damage Fee will be an amount that HopSkipDrive determines, in its sole discretion, is reasonable depending on the extent of the damages and cost of repairing or cleaning the vehicle. HopSkipDrive reserves the right, but is not obligated to, verify or otherwise require documentation of damages prior to processing the Damages Fee.
  4. Tolls. In some instances tolls (or return tolls) may apply to your ride.  We do not guarantee that the amount charged by HopSkipDrive will match the toll to the CareDriver, if any.
  5. Other Charges. From time to time, Riders leave behind personal items in CareDrivers’ vehicles. HopSkipDrive will attempt to facilitate the return of lost items. Ride Organizers understand and agree that they may be charged return fees if the CareDriver is asked to return the item.
  6. Tips. HopSkipDrive does not currently offer an in-app feature to facilitate tips to CareDrivers, but Ride Organizers are free to make other arrangements to provide tips to CareDrivers if they so choose. 100% of all tips will go to the CareDriver

4. Processing of Charges. Charges shall only be made through the HopSkipDrive Platform. All Charges will be processed by a third-party payment processing service and applied to the credit card or debit card that you link to your User account (“Payment Method”). You must provide and maintain complete and accurate information about your Payment Method. You are responsible for any additional fees, charges, or penalties resulting from any failure to pay Charges. Your full payment of Charges to HopSkipDrive satisfies your payment obligation for your use of the HopSkipDrive Platform. HopSkipDrive reserves the right to suspend or deactivate your account for failure to pay any Charges due.

Upon addition of a new Payment Method or each ride request, HopSkipDrive may place a temporary pre-authorization hold on your Payment Method to ensure the ride cost will be covered, and protect against unauthorized behavior. The authorization is not a charge, however, it may reduce your available credit by the authorization amount until your bank’s next processing cycle. HopSkipDrive is not responsible for any fees or charges, including overdraft charges, that may be issued by the bank issuing your debit card or credit card and are unable to assist you in recovering them from your issuing bank.

Where the Ride Fees are being paid from an Account Credit, HopSkipDrive will deduct the amount due first from the Account Credit. If the Ride Organizer’s Account Credit is not sufficient to cover the Ride Fees, HopSkipDrive will first deduct the available Account Credit and then charge the remaining amount to the Ride Organizer’s Payment Method.

5. No Refunds. All Charges are non-refundable. This no-refund policy applies at all times regardless of any disruption to the HopSkipDrive Platform, or any reason whatsoever.

6. Account Credits. You may receive “Account Credits” that you can apply toward payment of certain Charges upon completion of a ride. Account credits may consist of cash credits or ride credits that are good for one ride up to a maximum value, depending on your market’s pricing information. If the Ride Fees for a single ride are less than the maximum value of the trip credit, the difference will be forfeited. If the Ride Fees exceed the value of the ride credit, you agree to pay the difference which will be charged to your Payment Method. Account Credits are only valid for use on the HopSkipDrive Platform, and are not transferable or redeemable for cash except as required by law. Account Credits cannot be combined. Additional restrictions on Account Credits may apply as communicated to you in a relevant credit or promotion.



1. Driver Fees. If you are a CareDriver, you are entitled to a “Driver Fee” for the Services you provide or perform for Organizers or other Users, as provided in the Terms of Use, these Pricing and Payment Terms, any supplemental terms that apply to your metro, and pursuant to the fare estimates you see in the CareDriver application.  The Driver Fee consists of an applicable base fare, depending on your market, and a combination of estimated mileage and actual time. HopSkipDrive will calculate and determine the Driver Fee on your behalf after each ride. Driver Fees may vary from the Ride Fee or other Charges due and collected from Organizers.

  1. Supplemental Terms.  Consistent with local laws and regulations, supplemental pricing and payment terms may apply to your metro.  Please visit your metro-specific driver fees page for more information.   

2. Estimated Fare.  At the time of claiming, CareDrivers see the Estimated Fare for that ride.  The actual fare may differ based on the actual time of the ride and any changes to the ride details, including but not limited to: changes to the pick-up or drop-off location; changes to the pick-up time; or if one or more riders in a multi-rider service request are added or removed from the ride.  

3. Cancelation Payments. If the Ride Organizer cancels a Ride that you have claimed prior to check in, no Driver Fees shall be owed to you for that canceled Ride. If the Ride Organizer cancels a Ride after check in, you will receive 100% of the Estimated Fare at the time of check-in.

4. Fare Protection. Pursuant to the Fare Protection program, you are guaranteed to receive at least the Estimated Fare you see at the time you check-in for Rides you complete, even if the actual mileage or ride time end up being less than anticipated.  You will continue to receive additional Driver Fees if the actual ride time exceeds five (5) minutes past the originally anticipated ride time and results in additional earnings over the fare estimate at the time of check-in. 

5. Additional Payments. In addition to the Driver Fee, you may receive the following payments, if applicable: (i) any tips provided by a Ride Organizer to you, (ii) any tolls or surcharges we collect for remittance to you, (iii) any damage charges collected on your behalf, or (iv) any incentive payments you earn based on your provision of Services. The net amount of any payments you receive will reflect any applicable fees or other charges owed by and collected from you in exchange for your use of the HopSkipDrive Platform.

6. Platform Fees. In exchange for your use of the HopSkipDrive Platform and the services provided by HopSkipDrive to you, you agree to pay HopSkipDrive (and permit HopSkipDrive to retain) a “Platform Fee” based on each ride or Services you provide. Platform fees vary from ride-to-ride and consist of the difference between the Ride Fees and Driver Fees.

7. Payments, Adjustments, and Payment Reconciliation. HopSkipDrive will collect payments owed to you by Ride Organizers and other third parties as your limited collection agent and you agree that receipt of such payments by HopSkipDrive satisfies the payer’s obligation to you. HopSkipDrive reserves the right to adjust or withhold all or a portion of any Charges, including Ride Fees, or other payment owed to you (except tips) (i) to satisfy the Platform Fee owed in exchange for your access to or use of the HopSkipDrive Platform, (ii) to retain the Booking Fee and Cancelation Fee, or any portion thereof, (iii) if we believe you have attempted to defraud Users, HopSkipDrive, or HopSkipDrive’s payment systems, (iv) in order to resolve a User complaint (e.g., that you took an inefficient route or failed to properly end your Services when the ride was over); or (v) to remedy any errors resulting in inaccurate or erroneous payment to you. HopSkipDrive will adjust or withhold Ride Fees or other payments in a reasonable manner. You agree that all payments owed to you shall not include interest and will be net of any amounts that are required to withhold by law.

8. Processing of Payments. Payment processing for CareDrivers is provided by Stripe and is subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). By agreeing to the Terms or continuing to use the Services, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of HopSkipDrive enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide HopSkipDrive accurate and complete information about you, and you authorize HopSkipDrive to share it with Stripe, along with the transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.

9. Taxes. CareDrivers are responsible for reporting to all applicable government agencies as income all payments received pursuant to the Terms of Use and these Pricing and Payment Terms. HopSkipDrive will report or cause such reporting by a third party payment processor the payments paid to CareDrivers under this Agreement by filing Form 1099-MISC with the Internal Revenue Service as required by law. You will be solely responsible for payment of all withholding taxes, social security, workers’ compensation, unemployment and disability insurance or similar items required by any government agency for any payments received by you. CareDrivers will comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and foreign laws governing self-employed individuals, including laws requiring the payment of taxes, such as income and employment taxes, and social security, disability and other contributions.

10. No Additional Amounts. CareDrivers acknowledge and agree that, for the mutual benefit of the parties, through advertising and marketing, HopSkipDrive may seek to generate additional demand for CareDriver Services from new and existing Users. Such advertising or marketing does not entitle CareDrivers to any additional monetary amounts beyond the amounts expressly set forth in these Pricing and Payment Terms. These promotions or offers to participate in a promotion, unless made to you, are inapplicable to these terms or your relationship with HopSkipDrive.


HopSkipDrive, in its sole discretion, may offer promotions with different features and terms to any of its Users. These promotions or offers to participate in a promotion, unless made to you, are inapplicable to these Pricing and Payment Terms or your relationship with HopSkipDrive. Discounts to Ride Organizers will not impact the Driver Fees or any other payments owed to CareDrivers.