Safety in Action

We have simple, effective processes specifically designed to keep our Riders and their CareDrivers safe.


CareDriver Profile

Before your ride, you’ll get a chance to review the CareDriver’s profile so you and your child will know who they are, what they look like, and the kind of car they drive.


Pickup and Drop-Off Instructions

Parents and administrators can provide the CareDriver with specific pickup and drop-off instructions, including whether your child needs to be signed out, so there’s no confusion.

multi factor

Multi-Factor Rider Verification

CareDrivers wear a bright orange t-shirt, have orange HopSkipDrive decals on their car, and confirm your child’s code word and birth date at each pickup.

Safe Ride Support System

Safe Ride Support System

Our dedicated team tracks every ride in real time every step of the way, proactively solving any issues that may come up.

Technology Designed for Safety



You’ll receive alerts when your CareDriver is on their way and when each rider has been picked up and dropped off.


Real-Time Ride Tracking

You can track your ride in real time, every step of the way, right from the app.

safe driving

Safe Driving Monitoring

Our platform also detects unsafe driving behavior, including telephone or text use while driving, braking force, and speed.

Schools and districts love our safe schoool transportation solution!

Our 15-Point Certification Process

The first of its kind in the industry. Every CareDriver has at least 5 years of caregiving experience and undergoes extensive initial and ongoing background checks with various agencies including the FBI.

  1. In order to qualify to access the platform, prospective drivers must have the following minimum qualifications:
  2. Caregiving Experience

    At least 5 years of caregiving experience.

  3. Driving Experience

    A minimum of 3 years of driving experience.

  4. Age 23 or Older
  5. Own or lease a 4- to 7-passenger vehicle that is no older than 13 years old*
  6. Submit Proof of a Valid Driver’s License
  7. Submit Proof of Vehicle Insurance Consistent with State Law
  8. Submit Proof of Vehicle Registration
  9. Criminal Record Check

    Pass a comprehensive search of county, state, and national records, including the global watchlist and sex offender registries.

  10. Good Driving Record

    Pass an initial motor vehicle history search, as well as ongoing monitoring for new driving infractions.

  11. CareDriver Video Screening 
    All hopeful CareDrivers will complete a video screening to share their caregiving experience and their ability to meet HopSkipDrive’s 15-point certification requirements.
  12. Fingerprinting

    Pass a fingerprint-based background check.

  13. Pass an Annual Vehicle Inspection by a Certified Mechanic
  14. Child Abuse and Neglect Scan**

    Receive state-level clearance from the Department of Human Services database.

  15. Adopts the HopSkipDrive Community Guidelines
  16. Adopts Zero Tolerance Policies for the use of drugs or alcohol while driving, nondiscrimination, no-touching, and no-cell phone usage.
  17. *In DC, MD, PA, and Seattle, vehicles must be no more than 10 years old.
  18. **Implemented for prospective drivers in 2021 where legally permitted. In some markets, this may be completed after activation on the platform for new and existing CareDrivers.