Safety drives
everything we do.

From sophisticated technology that tracks and monitors every ride, to the always-on Safe Ride Support team, to our 15-point driver certification process, bright orange t-shirts, and unique multi-step rider verification process, ensuring the safety of every child and ride is at the heart of everything we do.

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We have simple, effective processes specifically designed to keep our riders and their CareDrivers safe.

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CareDriver Profile

Before your ride, you’ll get a chance to review the CareDriver’s profile so you and your child will know who they are, what they look like, and the kind of car they drive.

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Pick-up & Drop Off Instructions

Parents and administrators can provide the CareDriver with specific pick-up and drop-off instructions including whether your child needs to be signed out, so there’s no confusion.

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Multi-factor Rider Verification

CareDrivers wear a bright orange t-shirt, have an orange HopSkipDrive decal on their car, and confirm your child’s code word and birth date at each pick-up.

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Safe Ride Support Team

Our dedicated team monitors every ride in real time, every step of the way.

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Experience You Can Trust

As the innovators in youth transportation, HopSkipDrive has been matching CareDrivers with riders for years, with millions of miles safely driven.



A CareDriver is behind the wheel

Our 15-point certification process was the first of its kind in the industry. We fingerprint every CareDriver, run extensive background checks with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other agencies, and have ongoing monitoring of DMV records to make sure your precious cargo is fully protected. Every CareDriver has at least 5 years caregiving experience, their vehicle passes an inspection by a certified mechanic, and they are met by a member of the HopSkipDrive team. 




I am a Disney fanatic! I know all things Disney, which means I don't mind sing-alongs in the car. I have played Princess Tiana for birthday parties for the past year and a half and can honestly say it was one of my favorite jobs. I've also been an aftercare counselor, so I can definitely hold my own around kids. It helps that I grew up in a household where all the kids in the neighborhood loved to congregate. I also have a newborn niece, a two-year-old nephew, and a four -year-old niece who are the center of my world. I love kids and hopefully you and your kids will love me as a driver!




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Each ride is matched to a fully-vetted, experienced CareDriver in your area.

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You can monitor your ride in real time, every step of the way, right from the app.

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You’ll receive alerts when your CareDriver is on their way and when each rider has been picked up and dropped off.

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Driver Ratings

Our driver rating system puts you at ease and alerts us if a driver is not up to your standards.

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Safe Driving Monitoring

Our platform also monitors driving behavior, including telephone or text use while driving, braking force, and speed.


Our 15-point certification process

  1. Worked with children and has at least 5 years of caregiving experience

  2. No criminal record

    1. We do the deepest criminal record check legally permissible at the county, state and federal levels everywhere the driver has lived in the last seven years. If we could legally go back further we would!

  3. Fingerprinted

    1. We fingerprint all of our drivers and perform ongoing background checks in every state where we operate. In addition, all California drivers are registered with TrustLine.

  4. No sex offender record

  5. Valid drivers license

    1. We take a copy when we first meet drivers to confirm they are who they say they are. 

  6. Good driving record

    1. We run their driving record when we first meet them and monitor on an ongoing basis.

  7. Age 23 or older

  8. Owns or leases a vehicle not more than 10 years old seating 4-7 passengers

    1. We keep a copy of the driver's registration and confirm it matches the car they are driving. We also keep a photo of their car and license plate.

  9. Passes a 19-point vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic

    1. We confirm the inspection matches the car they are driving. 

  10. In-person meeting with a member of the HopSkipDrive team 

  11. Completes in-person driver orientation 

  12. Has personal auto insurance coverage that meets or exceeds state-required limits

  13. Adopts the HopSkipRules

  14. Adopts our zero tolerance policy for smoking, drugs and alcohol while driving 

  15. Adopts the zero tolerance policy for illegal mobile device usage while a rider is in the car