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HopSkipDrive has a Fresh New Look

HopSkipDrive launched with a clear vision to make life easier for families, helping them stress less and do more.  In realizing that vision, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of families across California and Colorado–and saved parents over 34 years of drive time.

What we’ve built has evolved tremendously over four short years, and our vision has expanded. By partnering with school districts and county governments, we are not only making life easier for families, we are helping all kids reach their highest potential. Everyday we help schools solve major transportation challenges, save millions of dollars, and get kids to over 6,000 schools happy, on-time and ready to learn.


Today we are revealing a brand new look that reflects this evolution. It highlights our ongoing commitment to safety, the care and empathy that goes into delivering each ride, as well as the innovative, purpose-built technology that powers it all.

The simplicity of the logo reflects our commitment to making sophisticated logistics simple, while paying attention to every detail.  School administrators and families find easy-to-use dashboards and apps that let them book rides and relax, knowing they have a dependable partner. Behind the scenes, we combine sophisticated route optimization, ride-matching algorithms, and live ride monitoring by our Safe Ride Support team to ensure a seamless experience.

Our fresh, poppy color palette broadly infuses the power of positivity, because we know the future is bright. The crisp blue builds upon the trust and reliability our customers have come to expect from us, while a new take on the vivid orange continues to represent safety – our #1 priority.

Modernizing our brand highlights our core values in a fresh and exciting way, while reinforcing our commitment to the future. Along with families, schools, and CareDrivers, we’re building a future where every kid is transported to their highest potential.

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