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5 Great Benefits of Becoming a HopSkipDrive CareDriver in Houston

HopSkipDrive arranges safe, reliable transportation for students and seniors in a variety of different cities, including Houston. From Fort Bend to East Houston, our CareDrivers enjoy great pay, flexible hours and meaningful work. 

Here are five great reasons why Houstonians love to drive for HopSkipDrive:

A great hourly wage for part-time work in Houston

If you’re looking for driving jobs in Houston, you’ll probably want to find the best-paying one you can. Many Uber drivers in the Greater Houston area report making between $10 and $20 an hour. CareDrivers at HopSkipDrive can make up to $32 an hour, plus bonuses. 

Whether you need part-time work in North Houston, South Houston, or somewhere in between, HopSkipDrive offers great earnings and incentives to drive. Plus, for many, it doesn’t even feel like work.

“I’ve grown to love a few of my regulars,” said one CareDriver of her Riders. “I would go get them for free if I had too!”

The ability to schedule your own workday

All CareDrivers are in complete control of their schedule. Can’t work Mondays? No problem. Only want to work in the mornings? That’s okay, too! When you drive kids for HopSkipDrive, you’ll always decide when you work, and for how long. 

Plus, you’ll decide what parts of Houston you’re willing to drive to and from. Only want to service Southwest and Northwest Houston? That’s totally ok! Want to avoid Central Houston? That’s fine, too.

As a CareDriver, you’ll always enjoy a totally flexible schedule that’s designed by you.

An opportunity to earn money after work or during retirement 

Many CareDrivers do more than just drive on the HopSkipDrive platform. A good portion of our CareDrivers are stay-at-home parents, part-time educators or retired caregivers. They are looking for a part-time job where they can work with kids, make good money and give back to their Houston communities. 

Semi-retired CareDrivers often see this part-time work as incredibly meaningful. Plus, when they’re done driving for the day, they have plenty of free time to do what they love. 

“The flexibility of the job gives me the opportunity to do the other things I enjoy doing,” said one CareDriver. 

Team up with other amazing Houston CareDrivers

Every CareDriver has to meet 15 points of criteria to drive with HopSkipDrive. These include that we require all drivers to have a clean driving record, pass background checks, have a 4-door car that’s less than ten years old and be at least 23 years old. 

Plus, all CareDrivers have significant caregiving experience. HopSkipDrive believes that CareDrivers need to have that experience to promote a positive, empathetic experience for Riders. 

When you drive for HopSkipDrive, you’re driving with a team of Houstonians who love serving their communities. 

“I love being a CareDriver!” said one CareDriver. “I really enjoy being able to connect with the riders and hope to be a bright spot in their day. I have driven all kinds of Riders, ranging from young children going to school to the elderly going to doctor appointments.”

Connect with kids and seniors in your Houston community

Finally, driving for HopSkipDrive offers CareDrivers the opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable people in their communities. Many HopSkipDrive Riders are foster youth, children experiencing homelessness, or students with special needs. These kids need warm, kind people to help them get where they’re going. That’s where our CareDrivers come in.

Said one CareDriver, “What I love most is having the opportunity to help those that need and depend on our service. It gives me a sense of responsibility.”

Another CareDriver recalled a particularly emotional ride of hers. 

“Once when I was driving a boy to school, he told me that he had been removed from his home the day before, and he started to cry quietly,” she said. “My heart went out to him. I told him that he was strong and that ‘you got this’! He thanked me and smiled. I shed a tear as well after I dropped him off.”

Are you ready to start connecting with your community’s kids? You can sign up to become a CareDriver today.

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