5 Pros to Driving with HopSkipDrive in the Bay Area

HopSkipDrive is an alternative transportation solution that enables safe, reliable rides to students and seniors in many metropolitan areas, including the Bay Area. From Sonoma to Marin to East Bay North, our CareDrivers earn great money, work with kids, choose their own hours and help improve their communities.

Find out five reasons why CareDrivers love their Bay Area driving jobs with HopSkipDrive:

Great, competitive earnings 

Looking for part time work as a driver in the Bay Area? You’ll want to compare what different companies pay per hour. In the Bay Area, many Lyft drivers report making between $20 and $22 an hour. HopSkipDrive’s CareDrivers can earn up to $32 an hour. Plus, they’re eligible for bonuses and other incentives. 

From the Tri-Valley to Lynch Canyon, CareDrivers can often earn more with HopSkipDrive than they can driving for other platforms. 

The ability to make some cash after work or throughout retirement

While some Bay Area CareDrivers only drive for HopSkipDrive, others have another part-time job or are semi-retired. HopSkipDrive requires caregiving experience, so many CareDrivers are stay-at-home parents, part-time nurses, or retired educators. 

Many Bay Area drivers view their work as a CareDriver as a way to make extra income in a meaningful way. Their driving jobs are an opportunity to make some money while helping others in the community.

“The people that I meet every day inspire me,” said a CareDriver. “I’m grateful to be able to get paid for giving this service.”

A flexible schedule designed by you

For many people looking for a part-time job, flexibility is key. CareDrivers are always in control of their schedule at HopSkipDrive. You can handpick when you’d like to work, right down to the very minute. 

You’ll also be able to control where you go when you drive kids around the Bay Area. Won’t leave the North Bay? That’s okay! Willing to go anywhere but Benicia? That’s your call. Willing to go to the East Bay, but not on Fridays? Totally okay. 

“I like the flexibility in setting my own schedule,” said one person who drives for HopSkipDrive. 

Meaningful part-time work that makes a difference

HopSkipDrive does a whole lot more than just arrange transportation for kids to and from school. As an alternative transportation provider, we enable safe and consistent rides to our community’s most vulnerable groups. Kids experiencing homelessness, foster children and students with special needs all get rides to and from school with HopSkipDrive CareDrivers. 

When you become a CareDriver, you’ll help children facing significant transportation roadblocks get where they need to go. That’s important work, and it makes our CareDrivers feel a sense of purpose. 

“I really enjoy being able to connect with the riders and hope to be a bright spot in their day,” said a CareDriver. 

The chance to join a team of empathetic, proven caregivers 

HopSkipDrive CareDriver criteria is far beyond just a clean driving record. In fact, on top of a pristine driving record, HopSkipDrive criteria requires drivers be at least 23 years old, have a 4-door car that’s less than 10 years old, undergo a background check, and have 5+ years of caregiving experience.

The caregiving prerequisite promotes positive, meaningful HopSkipDrive Rides. Our CareDrivers are caregivers on wheels who connect with their Riders.

“What I love most about driving with HopSkipDrive is having the opportunity to help those that need and depend on our service. It gives me a sense of responsibility and a feeling that I am doing something of purpose,” said one CareDriver. 

Are you interested in giving back to your community while earning extra money? Sign up to drive for HopSkipDrive. 

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