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5 takeaways from the HopSkipDrive Safety Report 2020

As the leading platform solution for safe youth transportation, safety has always been at the forefront of every decision HopSkipDrive makes.
Last year, HopSkipDrive released its very first Safety Report highlighting safety investments made to the platform throughout 2018 and 2019 while simultaneously encouraging other organizations to share their data in an effort to provide greater transparency throughout the industry.
We believe that holding ourselves accountable can only help raise the bar even higher for other companies across all industries. As part of our commitment to greater transparency, we released a second report to highlight the advancements we made during 2020.
For this report, we examine data collected from 2020, in which a total of 3 million safe miles were driven by CareDrivers across 15 markets in 8 states and Washington D.C. During 2020, the majority of all rides scheduled through the HopSkipDrive platform — 99.772% — ended without any type of safety-related issue.
While we encourage you to read the full report, here are five major takeaways. 

1. No HopSkipDrive ride experienced a critical safety incident. 

Only 0.02% of rides experienced a traffic collision, 0.001% of rides with a collision were considered major, and 0.208% of rides experienced a safety-related incident.
2020 Safety Report, Ride Statistics

2. Over 3 million miles were safely driven. 

3. CareDrivers display significantly less risky behaviors while behind the wheel than the general public.

According to a 2017 Safe Driving Report, drivers nationally received an average safe driving score of 79 out of 100, with some of the “riskiest” drivers averaging around 70.
The average safe driving score for CareDrivers in 2020 was 86.24, an improvement of 1.30 from the year prior — confirming CareDrivers are not only safer on the road but continue to improve safety year over year. 

4. CareDrivers use their phones while driving almost 8x less frequently than the average U.S. driver! 

Currently, device use while driving is the number one cause of accidents; CareDrivers use their phones while driving almost 8x less frequently than the average U.S. driver! 

5. HopSkipDrive responded to COVID-19 quickly and thoroughly. 

HopSkipDrive was the first U.S. transportation network company to implement plastic dividers as a standard operating procedure, in addition to vehicles being cleaned and disinfected before every ride. In addition, Riders and CareDrivers were required to wear PPE as per CDC guidelines, tech-enabled reminders and confirmations built into the app’s workflow; anonymous COVID-19 exposure reporting rounded out HopSkipDrive’s thorough safety standards.
2020 Safety Report, COVID Standards

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