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Five major takeaways from the HopSkipDrive Safety Report

CareDriver and Rider in car wearing masks


Safety is HopSkipDrive’s number one priority and has been since the very first ride. As a platform  founded by three working moms, our approach to creating HopSkipDrive’s safety standards was to ask ourselves, “What would it take to put my own child in a car with a HopSkipDrive CareDriver?” 

This safety-first philosophy drove the creation of HopSkipDrive’s 15-point CareDriver certification process and is the reason why we continue to innovate and find new ways to make the platform as safe as possible. From Safe Ride Support technology to end-to-end ride visibility, safety is baked into everything we do. 

We created a HopSkipDrive Safety Report, designed to provide transparency into HopSkipDrive’s safety and performance metrics. This is to be fully accountable ourselves and to share our statistics in an effort to set the bar for the industry. 

We believe that when we’re open about what makes us a safer solution and share the data, we encourage others to evaluate their own safety processes and improve on them – making the road safer for everyone.


The 5 Major Takeaways

Here are the five key takeaways from the report: This report examines data from 2018 – 2019; over this time, CareDrivers drove a total of 12.388 million safe miles.

  1. An overwhelming majority of rides — 99.584% — were completed without any type of safety-related issue.

    • 0.000% of rides experienced a critical safety incident of any kind.

    • 0.029% of rides experienced a traffic accident, with 0.006% of those being a major accident in which one of the vehicles was towed away from the scene or medical attention was needed, including just to get checked out by a professional.

  2. HopSkipDrive’s collision rate per mile driven was 140 times lower than the national average!

  3. CareDrivers were found to be 75.9% safer than all global drivers.

  4. HopSkipDrive was found to be 71.9% safer when compared against all Global TNC.

  5. The results from the comparative analysis showed that HopSkipDrive CareDrivers use their phones while driving almost 8x less frequently than the average U.S. driver!

Read the full HopSkipDrive Safety Report

¹ When comparing national collision data to HopSkipDrive collision data, it’s difficult to derive a 1:1 correlation, as HopSkipDrive’s safety approach and driver base is not an accurate representation of the national sample. For the purposes of this report, we looked at publicly available collision data# to help derive a correlation on collision statistics and found that HopSkipDrive’s collision rate per mile driven was 140 times lower than the national average. 


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