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HopSkipDrive CareDrivers share stories in honor of Hispanic Heritage month

Each and every HopSkipDrive CareDriver has a unique story to share. CareDrivers transport students to and from school, help families drive kids to after school activities, transport seniors to necessary medical appointments, and more!

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we had conversations with a few CareDrivers to better understand how their heritage impacts the work they do, what they enjoy most about being a CareDriver, and share stories about rides that have made an impact on their lives.

What about HopSkipDrive interested you to apply to be a CareDriver?

Ever since my daughter was young I have been in some sort of carpool group. I love being there for others who need help and love the conversations I have with the kids. – Sebrina B., Woodland Hills, CA

I love the ability to interact with children and that I have the opportunity to set my own schedule. – Jennifer G., Issaquah, WA

I enjoy being able to help kids access education consistently by driving them to school every day. – Lucy A., Norwalk, CA

The idea of working with children and choosing my hours seemed to be the perfect fit. – Kim M., Altadena, CA

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, how has your background influenced the work you do?

By helping my mom since I was a child, I learned to work and help others and make the best of all I can be. Throughout my life I learned to love what I do and that’s why I love being a CareDriver. – Blanca M., Los Angeles, CA

As a Latina I believe I have a strong sense of family, and pride in being a compassionate caregiver. I treat every rider the way I would want someone to treat my own children. – Kim M., Altadena, CA

My heritage has taught me compassion, and I have tremendous pride in being Hispanic. – Lorena P., La Mirada, CA

What do you enjoy most about being a CareDriver?

I love the whole process – claiming each ride, meeting the children, completing each ride safely and successfully. I especially enjoy repeat trips  where I really get to know the kids. – Kim M., Altadena, CA

Knowing I am helping kids get from one place to another safely. – Jacqueline G., Upland, CA

I enjoy getting to meet so many different kids and go to new places in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. – Blanca, M. Los Angeles, CA

It has been really rewarding, knowing I’ve been able to help a family in need. – Sebrina B., Woodland Hills, CA 

Can you share a story about a ride that has been meaningful to you or made an impact on you? 

One rider who is on the spectrum. I have found success and have enjoyed connecting with him simply by making sure that I have music and activities that interest him. I have learned more about Minecraft then I ever wanted to know and we quickly became good friends. I miss him right now. In fact, I miss the daily conversations with kids from all age groups and abilities. I’m looking forward to schools reopening soon, hopefully. – Jennifer G. Issaquah, WA

There are so many stories I could share, but my favorite is a young lady I would pick up, and she would have the biggest smile every time I picked her up. I love the conversations we would have on our 15 minute trip. She would share stories about school, volleyball, favorite movies she loved to watch, and anything else that was on her mind. She always asked about my daughter too. Whenever I got the opportunity to pick her up, I always knew the ride was going to be fun. – Sebrina B., Woodland Hills, CA

My rider was in tears when she got in my car one day, and she proceeded to share how her mother was having a bad morning. I remembered that it was Dr. Seuss’ Day so I asked her what her favorite book was. She named all the titles that she had at home in her collection. By the time we arrived at her school, she had no more tears, and as she closed the car door she shouted “you’re so cool, have a nice day.” As she walked away, it was my turn to be in tears. – Lorena P., La Mirada, CA

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, HopSkipDrive celebrates the Hispanic, Latinx, and Latino-identified communities and their tremendous impact throughout our country. Last week, we shared our conversation with Transportation Director Richard Jimenez, to gain a deeper understanding of his journey into education and transportation, and the incredible work he is doing at Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. 

Thank you to all HopSkipDrive CareDrivers; we appreciate everything you do!

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