Caring for your caregivers: Ensuring success with HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive keeps parents in the loopFounded by three working mothers, HopSkipDrive originally started off as a direct-to-parent solution. While we still service the direct-to-parent business, we now predominantly partner with organizations such as school districts, counties and other organizations to help fulfill their transportation needs. 

This does not, however, mean that parents and guardians — or “caregivers,” as we like to call them — are no longer an integral part of Rider success. In fact, caregiver participation can often determine just how seamless the HopSkipDrive ride experience is. 

For this reason, we highly encourage our clients to send out direct communications to caregivers prior to onboarding their Riders to HopSkipDrive. These efforts go a long way towards ensuring that everyone is fully informed about your new transportation solution partnership with HopSkipDrive. 

Below, we break down the communications we deliver to caregivers in an effort to ensure a strong partnership with HopSkipDrive across all fronts. 

Initial onboarding

Caregiver invite

Once your organization books a ride for a Rider, the assigned caregiver on the Rider’s account will receive text notifications from us letting them know their Rider will be receiving transportation through HopSkipDrive. 

During this time, we encourage caregivers to download the HopSkipDrive caregiver app. If they choose to do so, they can then assist by filling out their Rider’s profile and setting up their account. This will enable them to track and cancel unneeded rides on their end. 

Caregivers will also receive emails from us onboarding them to HopSkipDrive. 

Ride communications

The evening before they have rides scheduled, caregivers will receive a breakdown of all rides occurring the following day for their Riders. During this time, they can cancel any ride they don’t need in-app or by texting us. 

caregiver ride in progressRegardless of where the Rider is being picked up or whether or not the app has been downloaded, caregivers will receive status messages from HopSkipDrive about their rides. 

These messages will include the following notifications: 

  • When the CareDriver is on the way
  • Photos of the CareDriver and their vehicle
  • When the CareDriver has arrived at pickup
  • When the Rider has been picked up
  • When the Rider has been dropped off

Additional ride status messages, such as when a CareDriver is running behind, are also delivered to caregivers.

In-app communications

Caregivers using the HopSkipDrive app will also receive these ride status messages as in-app notifications. 

They can also track ride progress in real-time through the app. 

Additional communications

During a ride, caregivers may receive a call from our Safe Ride Support team, Ride Organizers or other team members, or a CareDriver.

Some situations require a call from one of the members listed above, such as when a Rider is not present at the designated pickup spot or clarification is needed on directions for where to pick up a Rider.

School communications: A critical component for success

While we’ve highlighted here all the communications HopSkipDrive delivers to caregivers, we also highly recommend that clients distribute the school communications kit materials to their caregivers directly. 

As mentioned above, this is a key component to laying the proper foundation for all future communications that caregivers will receive from HopSkipDrive. By distributing these recommended materials and sending the emails, you will help caregivers by getting them started on becoming self-sufficient users of the HopSkipDrive application. 

Once you sign on as a HopSkipDrive partner, our dedicated onboarding team will make sure you have access to these materials. We also recommend connecting us with your communications department, which is another step that can contribute to a successful experience with HopSkipDrive for your organization, your caregivers/parents — and your Riders.

Are you a current partner and haven’t received these materials yet? Email us at and we’ll be in touch to make sure you have everything you need. 

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