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Conversation starters with kids

Talking to, and developing a sense of trust with, children isn’t always easy. Getting them to open up requires an understanding of their perspective and an awareness of the developmental, cognitive, social and emotional stages children move through as they grow up.

One thing is certain about all children: They are like sponges they’re very good at soaking up everything that’s said to them, and picking up on underlying moods and emotions.

When engaging in a discussion with children, it’s important to always: 

  • Think about where they’re at developmentally

  • Treat them with respect

  • Take them seriously

  • Listen to what they have to say

  • Share your experiences and knowledge

  • Be kind, open-minded and friendly

Sometimes just knowing what to say to get things started can be the hardest part. Below, we share some conversation starters with kids that can help you break the ice.

conversation starters with kids

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