Feature roundup: What’s new in RideIQ

To help districts plan for back to school, we’re rounding up some of the most impactful new features and enhancements we’ve launched in RideIQ in the past quarter. This easy-to-reference list will help ensure you are in the know about all the great RideIQ features you can use as you head into the 2023–2024 school year. 

We’re excited to help empower you and your team members with our newest features, which can streamline the work you do by: 

Giving your car line staff the visibility they need with a more responsive RideIQ

To better serve the districts and organizations we partner with, we recently updated RideIQ to allow for a more mobile-friendly view; this way, team members can get all the answers they need to make sure the HopSkipDrive school car line flows smoothly.

Using RideIQ, team members can view all scheduled HopSkipDrive rides and their statuses, as well as get answers to any other logistical questions they may have. Read more about these improvements here

Better supporting parents and caregivers with in-app chat 

We’ve done a lot of work in the past year to better support parents and caregivers. From launching an updated onboarding flow to encouraging parents to complete their Rider’s profile for more scalable management for our clients, we know that building a strong bond with parents makes ride management easier for schools and districts. 

To that end, we rolled out chat within the HopSkipDrive Caregiver app so parents have another method of contacting us. Whether they have a question about an upcoming ride or a ride in progress, our Support teams are ready to assist. 

Enabling easy scheduling of an update to a location’s address with Find and Replace

Recurring Ride Series can be updated in RideIQ to pull in an address when a Rider moves or a location’s address changes. Our Product team spent significant time with clients to identify all friction points with the Ride Series update process so we could provide a more seamless experience. 

Now, with just a few clicks, Ride Organizers can schedule a location’s address to change at the Rider level with minimal impact to other Riders, while simultaneously updating all future rides and Ride Series for the impacted Rider. 

Better Rider segmentation with two new Categories

As we rapidly expand and serve more types of rides, we have added two new categories for Riders: College and Career Readiness, and Enrichment Programs - Activities. These new fields allow further segmentation of Rider types for easier invoicing. 

HopSkipDrive remains committed to continuously enhancing its product and client experience. With the latest updates and improvements in RideIQ, the platform is equipped with powerful features that streamline operations and empower Users. 

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