Five Benefits of Becoming a Denver HopSkipDrive CareDriver

HopSkipDrive’s solution enables safe, consistent and reliable transportation to children and seniors in many areas, including the Denver metropolitan area. Our CareDrivers—who hail from Boulder, Colorado Springs, and every other inch of Denver—enjoy part-time work with flexible hours, great pay and the opportunity to connect with others in their community.

Read on to discover five great benefits of a part time job in Denver as a CareDriver: 

Set your own hours and work part-time in Denver

Many CareDrivers are only interested in part-time driving jobs in Denver. Usually, that’s because they have other responsibilities, such as taking care of their children or working another job. Fortunately, when you drive on the HopSkipDrive platform, you’ll decide in advance when, where and for how long you’d like to work. 

Some Denverites who drive for HopSkipDrive are particular about which parts of Denver they will and will not travel to. That’s totally okay! At HopSkipDrive, CareDrivers control what rides and routes they drive. Don’t want to leave Central Denver? No problem! 

With HopSkipDrive, CareDrivers are always in complete control of their day.

Earn additional income, or supplement your retirement 

It’s not uncommon for CareDrivers to work another job, or drive for HopSkipDrive once they’ve retired. Since HopSkipDrive requires its CareDrivers to have caregiving experience, many drivers are actually part-time or retired teachers, childcare providers, social workers and nurses.

Oftentimes, these part-time or semi-retired Denverites prefer HopSkipDrive over companies like Uber and Lyft because they want to work with kids. CareDrivers want to foster meaningful connections within their community, all while getting paid.

“The people that I meet every day inspire me,” said a CareDriver. “I try to make them feel like they are more than just a ride and a paycheck! I’m grateful to be able to get paid for giving this service.”

Enjoy a great hourly wage while driving kids around Denver

Whether you’re looking for driving jobs in South Denver, North Denver, or somewhere in between, you’re going to want to compare how different companies pay their drivers. 

Denver CareDrivers can make up to $32 an hour—plus bonuses!—with HopSkipDrive. In comparison, Uber drivers make about $19.10 an hour in Denver. 

Of course, fair earnings are just one of the many ways HopSkipDrive shows appreciation for CareDrivers. The company also connects CareDrivers with resources, training and assistance. Our team is one chat or call away.

“The support team handles everything with a “we got this!” attitude,” said one CareDriver. 

Join a team of warm, kind CareDrivers in the heart of Colorado 

Not just anyone can drive with HopSkipDrive. Denver residents who wish to drive on the HopSkipDrive platform must be at least 23 years old, have a clean driving record, operate a 4-door car that’s less than 10 years old, and pass a rigorous background check.

All CareDrivers must also be proven, experienced caregivers. HopSkipDrive considers its drivers caregivers on wheels. The company believes that significant caregiving experience being one of the criteria to access the platform means CareDrivers can provide warm and consistent experiences for all our Riders. 

“I love being a CareDriver!” said one CareDriver. “I really enjoy being able to connect with the Riders and hope to be a bright spot in their day.”

Connect with students and seniors across the Denver community

From East Denver to West Denver, HopSkipDrive CareDrivers love how every ride presents the opportunity to connect with students and seniors. In fact, many CareDrivers want to drive kids because it’s such important, rewarding work.

HopSkipDrive helps students get from point A to point B. Often these Riders come from Denver’s most vulnerable populations. The students are sometimes in foster care, are experiencing homelessness or have special needs. CareDrivers also help seniors get to medical appointments and run other essential errands. In fact, CareDrivers gave rides to older adults to a large-scale vaccination event.

When you drive with HopSkipDrive, you’ll do a whole lot more than earn a paycheck. You’ll help remove transportation roadblocks to educational equity, right in your Denver neighborhood.

“I’ve had many foster care kids as riders,” said one CareDriver. “They are a unique and special group of kids who often just start telling me about their experiences with their foster families and how much they miss their mom or parents. I always listen and let them express themselves.”

Want to help others in the Denver area—all while earning some extra cash? Sign up here to begin your application.  

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