HopSkipDrive arrives in St. Louis, Missouri

HopSkipDrive is now available in St. Louis, Missouri, expanding transportation options for students.

As the leader in innovative, supplemental school transportation solutions, we are excited to announce that we are now available in St. Louis, Missouri, partnering with the City of St. Charles School District, Premier Charter School and others to expand transportation options for students. With HopSkipDrive, school districts, government agencies, and nonprofits in St. Louis and the surrounding areas — including St. Louis City and St. Louis County — will be able to book safe, reliable rides for kids, especially those whose needs cannot be met with traditional school buses and fixed routes. HopSkipDrive’s network of small vehicles and dynamic driver availability fill gaps in transportation access by allowing organizations and schools to support the individual needs of all students, including students experiencing homelessness or in foster care, and students with special needs.

“The City of St. Charles School District is excited to be partnering with HopSkipDrive,” says Cara Halbert, Executive Assistant to Student Services at the City of St. Charles School District. “We have many families who are McKinney-Vento who do not have means of transportation, and there has been a shortage of drivers in other transportation services to get our students to school. I am happy that we now have HopSkipDrive to connect with our families to transport our students.”  

“Premier Charter School is an established leader in driving forward innovative and rigorous education for students in the City of St. Louis,” says Dr. Julie Drugo, Head of School at Premier Charter School. “We are excited to partner with a like-minded innovative organization that offers modern solutions for our students that have unique transportation requirements.”

“We are so excited to launch in St. Louis and partner with school districts and other organizations to fulfill a very critical need to get kids where they need to go safely,” says Co-founder and CEO of HopSkipDrive, Joanna McFarland. “HopSkipDrive offers schools and students access to safe and reliable rides, removing barriers to transformative opportunities for children. We know transportation is one of the key gateways to bridging gaps, and we’re proud to work with school districts and other organizations in St. Louis on this important work.” 

Why HopSkipDrive?

Backed by industry-leading safety technology and processes, HopSkipDrive offers a safe and reliable transportation option, combining sophisticated technology with deep operational expertise to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who uses the HopSkipDrive platform. HopSkipDrive’s meticulous approach to safety begins with highly vetted caregivers behind the wheel (known as “CareDrivers”), and extends to every aspect of the company’s operations.

Every CareDriver has at least five years of caregiving experience and must pass a rigorous 15-point certification process, including fingerprinting, background screenings and ongoing driving and criminal record checks. CareDrivers on the HopSkipDrive platform must use a four-door vehicle newer than 10 years old, and vehicles must pass an annual inspection by a certified mechanic.

HopSkipDrive is actively seeking CareDrivers in the St. Louis area

Being a CareDriver is a unique experience that comes with many benefits, including competitive pay up to $50 per ride* for new CareDrivers, a flexible schedule and the opportunity to make a difference by helping families in the local community. Individuals who are interested in becoming a CareDriver in the St. Louis area can visit HopSkipDrive's website to sign up.

*Terms Apply

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